Having comprehensive travel and medical insurance is essential if you are travelling overseas on student exchange.

You must have comprehensive travel and medical insurance which will cover:

Special insurance requirements

Check if your host university or student visa requires you to purchase a specific insurance policy, and if so, what is covered by the policy. You may need to purchase additional insurance to meet the minimum provisions listed below.

Insurance policy minimum provisions

Your insurance policy must cover these minimum provisions:


Medical cover should include GP visits and prescriptions, major hospitalisation, optical cover, emergency dental cover, cover for treatment following an accident, and emergency services such as ambulance and paramedics. It is preferable that no excess is applied to medical claims.

Emergency evacuation and repatriation

This should include travel for medical professionals and family members who may need to fly to the country of study to accompany you home. “Unlimited cover” is ideal, as very large sums can be incurred in these situations.

Accompanying relative cover

Should you become seriously ill or die during the period of exchange, the insurance policy should pay for your parents/guardian to fly to the host country on the first available flight. The accompanying relative cover should also include day-to-day accommodation and reasonable living costs in your country of study, travel home and back to your country of study for you if a member of your immediate family becomes ill or dies, mental illness (medical costs and repatriation).

Personal liability cover

Personal liability cover of NZ$1,000,000 minimum limit to cover accidental damage you may cause to other people’s property while you are away.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance should cover:

Wellington Global Exchange preferred insurance providers

Wellington Global Exchange has the following preferred travel insurance providers:

None of these policies provide cover for pre-existing conditions unless they meet certain criteria outlined in the policy wording. Make sure you contact whichever provider you choose should you have a pre-existing condition.

Also, be sure to cover any additional travel you may undertake before, after, or during your exchange.

International student insurance continuity of cover

If you have a pre-existing condition and have been covered under Studentsafe while at Victoria, it is strongly recommended that you continue with your Studentsafe policy while on exchange.

In case you break the period of cover with Studentsafe and then resume cover under this policy, “any medical condition which is found to have developed during the period which you were not covered by Studentsafe would be deemed to be a pre-existing condition and would therefore not be covered.”

Student Safe University Insurance Ltd has a policy entitled Studentsafe Outbound which has been designed specifically for those students who study outside of New Zealand as part of their degree.

If you have any questions, please email or drop in during office hours: Monday 2–4pm, Wednesday 10am–12pm, Thursday 2–4pm.

Insurance ratings

Your insurance policy should be from a reputable and established company with substantial experience in the travel and medical insurance business, and who has an excellent credit rating, no lower than A from Standard and Poor's, or B+ from AM financial market intelligence companies. Be sure to read the wording of whichever policy you choose carefully.