Medical Concerns

Vaccinations and Immunisations

Refer to the Travel Doctor website to find out which ones are recommended for the areas where you will live or travel. You can also contact Mauri Ora at Victoria University of Wellington to find out if they provide discounted vaccinations for students.

Chronic Health Problems

You may need to work out a health management plan with your GP. Make sure your medications are available at your destination, or arrange to take them with you. Take an adequate supply of prescription medications to last the period of your stay. Carry a copy of the prescription and the generic name of the medication.


Take a copy of your glasses or contacts prescription in case you require replacements while you are away.

Mental Health Tips

Going on an exchange is one of the most exciting experiences you can have while at university, however it can also cause stress and anxiety. Here are tips from other exchange students:

Getting Ready - Mentally

Personal responsibility is the most important thing you will take abroad with you! While the Global Exchange team will provide you with pre-departure information and an orientation, ultimately you have to handle most of the details yourself as you prepare for and participate in your international experience.

Living abroad for an extended period of time requires a great deal of emotional maturity, flexibility, adaptability, openness, and independence. It is rewarding but the first few weeks especially can be very stressful when you are adjusting to a new country, city, school, and housing situation.