Find out the requirements for studying towards a German major while on exchange.

Where to study

You can study towards your German major at selected German universities. Discuss the options with the student exchange coordinator for German well before your application deadline.

Non-German speaking countries

You can apply for an exemption for a corresponding German language course taken on exchange in a non-German speaking country.

To apply for an exemption, you will need to gain pre-approval from your faculty and upon your return from exchange, present your results and a detailed description (content, level and hours of teaching, assessment) of the language course(s) you took while overseas. Upon returning from exchange, a placement test may be required before you are allowed to proceed with your enrolment in other German language courses at Victoria University of Wellington.

German major requirements for exchange

Before going on exchange

You must have completed GERM 101 and GERM 102 (if you began at the beginner's level), and GERM 201 and GERM 202.

If you entered university after completing NCEA Level 3 in German, you only need to have completed GERM 201 and GERM 202.

For a German major, the best time to go on exchange is after completing GERM 202.

Courses to take on exchange

You should take intensive language courses which involve speaking, listening, writing and reading and are deemed to be the equivalent level of the course you would otherwise be taking at Victoria University of Wellington (B2 for 300-level).

Courses of an equivalent level which contain some cultural content and are taught in German may also be considered, provided the language component is at least at B2 level, but approval would be at the discretion of SLC German staff.

Completing your German major

You cannot complete your German major while on exchange. If you study for one semester on exchange, you must come back to Wellington to complete at least one culture or language course here and undertake a language assessment.

You will need to complete the content course, GERM 314, and either GERM 302 or GERM 304 on your return.

Cross credit process

If you study in Germany for Trimester One of your third year (and pass), you will be credited with either GERM 301 or GERM 303 by SLC German staff on your return.

German programme student exchange coordinator

Senior Lecturer in German
School of Languages and Cultures