John Moffat

Clinical Practice Manager
School of Psychology

Current role

John works as the Clinical Practice Manager. This involves managing the everyday running of the Clinical Psychology Centre, overseeing the 6th-year internships, providing clinical supervision to students on the clinical programme, and teaching at the 5th- and 6th-year levels. John also operates a part-time private practice focusing on the assessment and treatment of adult clients, as well as the provision of clinical supervision to other health professionals.


John has been working as a clinical psychologist since 2003. He has experience working in a variety of mental and physical health settings. Before joining the Clinical Psychology Centre, he was the lead clinical psychologist with one of New Zealand’s largest private healthcare providers. John has a special interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and is the co-founder of ACT Wellington, the leading provider of ACT training and supervision in New Zealand.


Member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists