Get Started with Glean

Now that you’re signed up and have Glean installed, let’s become familiar with the basics of Glean!

Snapshots on this page

  1. The Glean interface
  2. Collections
  3. Recording and note taking overview
  4. Recording in-person events
  5. Recording virtual events
  6. Note taking with Glean
  7. Working with lecture slides
  8. The power of search

The Glean interface

Become familiar with the basic Glean Interface.

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Learn how Glean saves and organises your events.

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Recording and note taking overview

An overview of getting ready to record with Glean.

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Recording in-person events

We walk through the steps to record an in-person event.

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Recording virtual events

We walk through how to record an online event.

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Note taking with Glean

We cover all you need to get on with taking notes in Glean.

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Working with lecture slides

We look at how to incorporate and manage lecture slide with Glean.

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The power of search

Glean has a powerful search function that makes finding anything in your notes and event easy, allowing for very targeted revision.

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