Digital Note Taking software

Glean is a digital note taking software that boosts your ability to learn and build knowledge from your courses. Glean does this by, at its core, capturing audio recordings of an event and by using its intelligent linking to attach notes or labels you make to the relevant section of audio as you record.

The traditional approach to note taking often forces us to make a compromise between paying attention and taking down notes. Glean aims to remove that need to compromise by allowing you to create usable notes from an event regardless of how much you can interact at the time.

Glean can also produce a machine generated transcript to supplement the audio recording of the event, providing a useful secondary supplemental information stream.

Key features

  • Records the audio of a note taking event and can produce a transcript.
  • Intelligent linking to synchronise notes with the relevant audio section.
  • Tag and label the important sections with a simple button press.
  • Insert definitions and pictures from the web.
  • Insert slides and capture snapshots of virtual content.
  • Produce reader-friendly study notes.

Glean is available on any platform that supports a chrome-based browser and also has apps available for iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices.

If this sounds good to you then contact your Disability and Inclusion Adviser to discuss getting Glean.