Our staff are aware that personal information we hold about you may be of a private and confidential nature.

As a general rule, the personal information you disclose to us is treated as confidential and not available to anyone outside of Disability Services, except with your consent. We will only override this when there is a serious concern for your health or safety, or the health or safety of someone else, or when there is a legal duty to provide health information.

When you register with us, your enrolment details will be updated to indicate that you have an impairment. This is confidential and is used for statistical purposes only.

We are bound by the rules of the Health Information Privacy Code and the Health Act regarding the collection, storage, and access to your personal information.

Sharing your information with other staff

You and your disability and inclusion adviser will discuss the possibility of sharing your personal information with other University staff. The purpose of this is to enable your equitable access at the University. Your information will assist staff with your Education Access Plan and mean that they can provide you with the best possible support.

If you have any concerns about privacy and confidentiality, discuss these with your disability and inclusion adviser.