Register with us

Access our online registration form and find out what supporting documentation you'll need to provide.

By registering with Te Amaru—Disability Services, you'll become part of our vibrant and supportive community. You'll receive tailored support to help you achieve your potential at university and will have access to our many key services.

Registering with us is different to applying for enrolment at the University. If you haven't applied for enrolment yet, that's not a problem—you can register with Disability Services as a prospective student, or as an enroled student.

Supporting documentation

When you register, you'll also need to provide us with some supporting documentation about your impairment.

For example, an assessment or report from a registered health professional such a doctor, specialist, psychologist, counsellor or educational psychologist that describes the impact your impairment is likely to have on you and your study. This enables us to tailor support and services to meet your needs.

We respect the expertise you have about your lived impairment experience so will also ask you about this. To assist you to provide this documentation, here is a form you can give to your registered health professional to complete. If you have a recurring or temporary impairment we will need to be kept up-to-date with any changes.