Funding your study

There are many different sources of funding for students with disabilities. Here you'll find an introduction to what is available at the University and beyond.

Student Finance

The Student Finance team can answer any questions you have about financing your studies. They provide confidential advice and are experts in budgeting and navigating StudyLink.

Benefits and allowances


StudyLink is the main source of allowances and loans for students in New Zealand. They also provide scholarships and help cover extra costs.

WINZ—Supported living payment

The Supported Living Payment is assistance for people who have, or are caring for someone with a health condition, injury, or disability.

WINZ—Disability allowance

The Disability Allowance can reimburse you for ongoing regular costs that you may have due to your impairment.

Scholarships and awards

Victoria University of Wellington scholarships

We offer a range of scholarships and awards to students intending on studying at the University.

Financial hardship grants and awards

There are a number of financial hardship grants offered to students on the basis of financial need.

Generosity New Zealand scholarships database

Generosity is a database of over 2,000+ scholarships and awards that are available to students in New Zealand, including scholarships targeted for students with impairments.

National Foundation for the Deaf

The National Foundation for the Deaf offers several scholarships and grants for deaf or hearing impaired people.

Support funds


Workbridge administers support funds on behalf of Work and Income. The funds can be used to help with the additional costs you might have because of your impairment, including equipment and technology.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

If you are a client of ACC then you can access support funds to help cover the additional costs you may have because of your impairment. This includes things like travel costs, equipment and technology.

The Total Mobility Scheme

The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi travel to people with serious mobility impairments.

Enable New Zealand

Enable is a multi-service support organisation. Enable provides access to support funds for a variety of equipment and technology.

Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Service (NASC)

NASCs are organisations contracted by the Disability Services Directorate of the Ministry of Health to determine disabled people's eligibility for Ministry of Health funded disability support services.