EquatIO user guide

EquatIO allows you to easily create mathematical equations and formulas, generate graphs and worksheets, and create opportunities for collaboration.

You can type, handwrite, or dictate any mathematical expression, and EquatIO will convert it into accurate, digital mathematics which can be added to a Microsoft Word document. There’s no need for any complicated code or programming languages.

EquatIO is available for all students and staff at the Victoria University of Wellington; on University computers and also available to download for home computers and personal devices

Here is some information to introduce you to the key features of EquatIO.

The toolbar

EquatIO toolbar with icons

The toolbar is docked to the bottom of your screen.

Equation Editor

Equation Editor icon.

Create your maths and science expressions by typing right into the editor. Use Prediction to insert fractions, exponents, operators, formulas, chemical symbols, and more.

LaTeX Editor

LaTeX Editor icon

For more advanced users, use LaTeX to create maths expressions and add them directly into digital documents.

Graph Editor

Graph Editor

Create and customise single or multiple graphs, plot ordered pairs or tables of points and more, with this tool powered by Desmos graphing calculator.

Handwriting Recognition

Handwriting recognition icon

Handwrite maths expressions using a touchscreen device or mouse pointer.

Speech Input

Speech input icon

Dictate equations and formulas aloud. EquatIO understands what you’re saying, turning your spoken input to written expressions.

EquatIO Mobile

EquatIO Mobile icon

A mobile companion that enables you to use your phone or tablet to insert handwritten maths, spoken maths or images into your document.

Screenshot Reader

Screenshot Reader icon.

Turn any equation across the web into accessible, editable maths with the EquatIO Screenshot Reader. Simply take a screenshot of the inaccessible equation to convert it into accessible maths, which will automatically be read aloud.

STEM Tools

STEM tool icons

A periodic table tool which enables users to explore the full periodic table, find out more information on each element and easily insert them directly into their work using the Equation Editor.

An excellent, easy-to-use, scientific calculator.

And a molecular viewer, designed to help people engage with 3D renderings of proteins and other chemistry structures up close.

Further information and training resources

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Using EquatIO at University

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