Working with us

Our effective liaison with other staff is integral to achieving an inclusive university environment. Find out how we can work together.

We liaise with a range of academic and professional staff across the University. We greatly appreciate the high level of staff engagement our service receives.

We welcome invitations to staff meetings to discuss disability awareness, accessibility, inclusive teaching and learning, or provide advice on a specific disability-related issue. Simply contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Referring a student to us

Students can book an appointment directly with a Disability and Inclusion Adviser by phoning +64 4 463 6070 or emailing They can also register online.

Staff can refer a student to Te Amaru—Disability Services in person, by phone, or email. Useful information includes contact details, the reason for the referral, and any relevant background information. This referral is confidential. Disability Services office coordination will acknowledge the referral and then contacts the student to offer an appointment.

Registered Health Professionals can refer a student to Disability Services and provide verification at the same time using the supporting documentation form.

Disability and inclusion advisers

The staff you will most commonly come into contact with from our team are our Disability and inclusion advisers. Our disability and inclusion advisers are allied health or disability professionals who work alongside students to determine their disability needs based on both the individual’s circumstances and the environment they are in.

These advisers make recommendations to academic staff about inclusive teaching, learning and assessment strategies and accommodations that could support a student’s participation and success in a course.

They also identify tailored support that a student may need, such as a note-taker or test and exam arrangements, and work alongside students to identify their strengths, study and development aspirations.

Advisers also make recommendations to professional staff about meeting students’ needs to ensure students can fully access the support and services that are available.

To discuss ways that you can work with our disability and inclusion advisers, contact our team.

Depending on student need you may also come into contact with our support staff and volunteers. Learn more about their roles in supporting students and what they need from you here: