Parents and whānau

Disability Services welcomes visits from parents, guardians and whānau, particularly in the transition to university.

Transitioning to university

Starting university is a big step for any individual. We encourage students to set up an education access plan to support this transition, and understand that your involvement during this time may be of particular importance.

We provide comprehensive support, which enables greater independence for students who register with us. Some parents find this a relief, while others find this challenging at first, because a student may not require the same level of parental support as they did previously.

We encourage students to take ownership of their needs, so our first point of contact will always be the student themselves—their consent will be sought before interacting with anyone on their behalf.

On-campus support

The Disability Services team includes a number of professional staff as well as trained volunteers, dedicated to supporting students throughout their university journey. Among our core staff are disability and inclusion advisers, who work with students to identify and resolve learning or participation barriers.

In addition to our own range of key services, we connect our registered population to other student services and support offered by the University.