2015 China-US Relations in Global Perspective

Date: 8 -9 October, 2015

Location: Hunter Council Chamber, Kelburn Campus, Victoria University of Wellington

Conference description

The relationship between the People's Republic of China and the United States of America is the most important bilateral relationship in today's world. The sole superpower in the post-Cold War world, the United States still has the largest economy, the strongest military forces, and the dominant voice in international institutions. The most populous country and the second largest economy with rapid growth, China is poised to catch up with the United States in the coming decades. It is critical that China and the Unites States handle their relations well, for both China and the United States, for the Asia-Pacific region, and for the entire world.

China-US Relations in Global Perspective is an international conference with world-class scholars from China, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries to discuss issues related to the bilateral relationship. The conference will take place on 8-9 October 2015, immediately after Chinese President Xi Jinping's first state visit to the United States in September 2015. The conference will not only look at China-US relations from the perspectives of the two giants. It will also offer an opportunity to examine the bilateral relationship from third parties such as countries in the Asia-Pacific Region and Europe.

Conference schedule

The conference will start at 9.30am with an opening address by Professor Grant Guilford, follows by welcome remarks from H.E.Wang Lutong, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, and H.E. Mr Mark Gilbert, Ambassador of the United States of America, then keynote speech from Professor Wang Gungwu.

The conference panels covered the following topics:

Panel 1 discusses China-US bilateral relationship.

Panel 2 discusses the Regional Implications of US-China relationship.

Panel 3 discusses China-US economic relations and new world economic order.

Panel 4 discusses China-US relations from Pacific perspectives.

Panel 5 & 6 will discuss China-US relations from the perspectives of Asian-Pacific countries and the regions.

A roundtable discusses the future of CHina-US relations followed after Panel 6.

For more details, see the draft programme here pdf817KB .

Key speakers


Professor Grant GUILFORD, Vice-Chancellor, Victoria University of Wellington

Opening Remarks

H.E. WANG Lutong, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China

H.E. Mr Mark GILBERT, Ambassador of the United States of America


Keynote speaker: Professor WANG Gungwu, National University of Singapore

Panel 1: China-US Bilateral Relationship

Ambassador WU Jianmin, Foreign Policy Advisory Group of Chinese Foreign Ministry, China-US Relations after President XI Jinping‘s state visit to US

Professor Brantly WOMACK, University of Virginia, US-China Relationship in a Multinodal World

Professor BO Zhiyue, New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre, Xi Jinping’s US Policy: Building a “New Type of Major-Power Relationship”

Panel 2: Regional Implications of US-China Relationship

Dr Charles Morrison, East-West Center (Tbc)

Dr SHAO Yuqun, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, Two Roads, But One Destination?

Professor ZHAO Quansheng, American University, The United States’ Shifting Perspectives toward China and Japan.

Panel 3: China US Economic Relations and New World Economic Order

Professor XU Qiyuan, The Chinese Academy of Social Science, What the AIIB means for the development finance system: a view from China-US relations

Professor HUANG Meibo, Xiamen University, The Complementarity and Competitiveness of AIIB in International Development Financing System

Professor Susan Park, University of Sydney, The Multilateral Development Banks: Innovation or Stagnation?

Professor Gerald CHAN, University of Auckland, New Silk Roads and New International Financial Order

Panel 4: Pacific Perspectives

Professor the Hon. Bob CARR, University of Technology, China-US: the view from the Southwest Pacific

Professor Robert AYSON, Victoria University of Wellington, How Robust is New Zealand’s China-US Strategy?

Mr Stephen Jacobi, New Zealand International Forum, Making Trans Pacific Friends-New Zealand, China and the United States

Panel 5: The Perspectives of Asian-Pacific Countries and Regions (1)

Professor Jaewoo CHOO, Kyung Hee University, What do the United States and China present South Korea with?

Professor Jingdong Yuan, University of Sydney, The View from the Hermit Kingdom: North Korea’s Perspectives on China-US Relations

Professor Robert G. PATMAN and Laura SOUTHGATE, University of Otago, Rethinking Great Power Rivalry: US, China and the Nuclear Proliferation Challenge in North Korea and Iran

Panel 6: The Perspectives of Asian-Pacific Countries and Regions (2)

Professor Akio TAKAHARA, The University of Tokyo, The American Factor in Japan-China Relations

Emeritus Professor Carlyle A THAYER, The University of New South Wales and the Australian Defence Force Academy, Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold: A Vietnamese Perspective on China-U.S. Relations

Dr Manjeet PARDESI, Victoria University of Wellington, Indian Perspective on China-US Relations

Final remark

Tony BROWNE, New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre

Chairs and panel discussants

Chairs' Biographies

  • Dr Jian YANG
  • Professor Bob CARR
  • Hon. Jim SUTTON
  • Tony Browne
  • Professor Akio TAKAHARA
  • Professor Brantly WOMACK

Discussants' Biographies

  • Professor Xiaoming HUANG, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Dr Jason YOUNG, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Professor Alex TAN, University of Canterbury
  • Professor Jon FRAENKEL, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Dr Nicholas KHOO, University of Otago
  • Professor Robert AYSON, Victoria University of Wellington