Levan Tielidze

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Phone: 04 463 5233 x 6477
Email: levan.tielidze@vuw.ac.nz
Office: CO 507


BSc Tbilisi State University, Georgia (2007); MSc (Hons) Tbilisi State University, Georgia (2009)
PhD Candidate in Glaciology

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PhD thesis


Glacial History of the Ahuriri River valley, Southern Alps, New Zealand


Project aim and description

Mountain glaciers are sensitive to variations in temperature and precipitation – thus records of their past changes yield important data concerning the timing and magnitude of past climate change. After the peak of the last glaciation (about 20,000 years ago), mountain glaciers began to retreat significantly with slight advancement phases from time to time. On the scale of several millennia, we have only very indirect observations of glacier retreat and advance based on the positions of glacial moraines. Well preserved moraines provide a good opportunity to develop an improved understanding of ice ages and glacial-interglacial transitions. Dating of the moraines using cosmogenic exposure techniques such as 10Be is providing exciting and important information on the duration, timing, and scale of the Late Quaternary glaciation (Last Glacial Maximum in particular), as well as providing additional information about the past climate.

Some valleys in South Island, New Zealand already have a number of well-dated glacier records. However, understanding of the precise timing of old glacial events in many valleys still remains poor.

The main objectives of this study are:

i) Constrain the timing and extent of late Quaternary glaciation in the Ahuriri River valley, Southern Alps, New Zealand;

ii) Investigate the extent and drivers of glaciation in this valley using geomorphological mapping;

iii) Investigate climactic implications using the numerical glacier modelling.



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