Research students at SIM

Meet our multi-cultural cohort of current PhD thesis students at the School of Information Management, and learn about their research.

PhD graduates

Consult the list of completed theses by PhD research students in the School of Information Management.

Ahmad Nadzri Mohamad

Data-driven Innovation with Open Government Data

Alfred Chikomba

Data governance in crisis and change

Ba Xuan Nguyen

International Research Collaboration Measurement

Nancy Li

Investigating the interface between public policy and science using computational modelling and the analysis of complex systems.

Ngoc An Vu

Optimizing the relevance of online recommendation systems through customer participation

Niloofar Solhjoo

Information experience of multispecies families

Patricia Mariel Velasquez

Effect of the design of blended library on students’ learning motivation

Prem Khanal

IT-enabled frugal innovation.

Talitakuum A.T. Ekandjo

Enterprise Intelligent Applications and Work Practices: An Exploratory Study

Hassan Mustafa

Platform Power and Politics of Information in the Global South

Alan Samuel

AI-human Collaboration in Leadership Coaching: Towards A Leadership Capability Development Framework

Rebecca Mines

Experiencing technologies in learning: a Higher Education student perspective

Nastaran Mohammadhossein

Value of using augmented reality in organizational settings

Ishara Kandane Arachchige Don

How can leaders support readiness to cope with challenges related to forced adoption of digital work environment?

Farwa Abbas

Artificial Intelligence based Personal Assistants and Employee well-being at work

Wanxuan Lin

AI technology and team creativity