VicTeach events 2021

Online meet-ups

During level 2 and higher, we hosted regular VicTeach meet-ups via Zoom. These meet-ups were for anyone who wanted to chat about any and all teaching issues on our minds, and to share advice, experience, and trouble-shooting tips.

25 March

VicTeach 2021 kick off

During the kickoff we:

  • Talked about where VicTeach has been, and our aspirations for the future.
  • Heard from a panel of community members—to give you a sense of what VicTeach is about and what it is like to be involved in hosting or participating in an event.
  • Chatted about Expressions of Interest for events and initiatives.

28 May

Sharing session

To mark the end of Trimester 1, we hosted a VicTeach community catch-up for sharing successes and challenges in teaching and learning.

23 August

Ako symposium—Ka Mua, Ka Muri: Finding our New Normal

In 2020, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington rose to the occasion, and successfully delivered its programmes despite the severity of lockdown, and fluctuating alert levels. As the world around us returns to some semblance of normality, is it less clear what ‘normal’ we are returning to. This Ako Symposium brought together leaders, managers, academic and professional staff to discuss the future state: how might we combine face-to-face and online learning in a way that makes best use of our time together, and our learning spaces? How will we appropriately assess learning? How will we suitably recognise teaching effort necessary for high quality synchronous and asynchronous learning, and how will that effort be supported by professional staff?

The symposium featured showcases of resources and ideas that have supported teachers and learners as they have faced the challenges of mixed mode teaching.

This event was hosted by CAD and VicTeach.

29 November

What impact is dual delivery having on teaching, learning and engagement?

Bronwyn Wood, Michael Johnston, Sue Cherrington and Anita Mortlock

School of Education

Since the 2020 lockdown, all lecturers at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington have been required to adopt a ‘dual delivery’ approach to their teaching – but what impact is this having on teaching, learning and student engagement? In this session, we offered some analysis of the impact of dual delivery on undergraduate courses in the School of Education in Trimester 1, 2021. While data to measure this impact is limited, our preliminary analysis of student achievement (compared with previous years), student attendance (which is closely associated with engagement), and teacher workload was offered with the intention of opening up a conversation with colleagues around these findings and hearing from others’ experiences.

Watch the recording.

30 November – 3 December

VicTeach Retreat

VicTeach once again supported a research and writing retreat on the Kāpiti Coast at the beautiful Waihōanga Centre in Ōtaki Forks, approximately one hour north of Wellington.

This retreat was open to professional, academic and teaching staff who are passionate about teaching and the student experience. It was an opportunity to explore and develop teaching-related research (relevant to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) and/ or to spend dedicated time working on a teaching-related project, such as a new course development or design. 

The cost of accommodation and catering was fully covered by VicTeach.