VicTeach events 2013

3 May

Introduction and Teaching With Technology

7 June

Technology and research related to large class teaching

Watch recordings of the use of technology for large class teaching and evaluation and student feedback in large 100-level classes sessions.

Best-practice on how to use a document camera by John Prebble.

5 July

Use of video for teaching/flipped classrooms

This is one long recording with several connected presentations. If you are interested in a specific presenter, you can jump to:

  • 0 mins: Suzanne Boniface, introduction and promotion of upcoming events.
  • 4 mins: Steve Cochran and Warren Butcher from images services, Digital Solutions.
  • 23 mins: Rebecca Priestley, use of video in Science in Society online courses.
  • 31 mins: Suzanne Boniface, use of video for lab preparation.
  • 37 mins: Kevin Gould, flipped teaching⁠—big picture.
  • 48 mins: Matthias Lein, reporting from the first year of flipped teaching.

The sections after each speaker contain Q&As that are especially hard to hear. Consult the notes for more details on those conversations. Watch supporting information on VStream.

2 August

Idea Exchange

This is one long recording with several connected presentations. If you are interested in a specific presenter, jump to the following times. These are also noted in the bookmarks of the presentation.

  • Some Thoughts on Digital Tools and Challenges in Humanities Teaching: Stephen Epstein, School of Languages and Culture (Presentation: 1–11 mins. Discussion: 11–21 mins.)
  • Music in Lectures and Examinations to Promote Right-Brain Activity: John Prebble, Professor of Law (Presentation: 27–40 mins. Discussion: 40–48 mins.)
  • Graduate attributes: Signposts and Simulations in Science Courses: Diane Ormsby, School of Biological Sciences (Presentation: 48–57 mins. Discussion: 57 mins–1 h 6 mins.)
  • Skills Training for Doctoral students: Online, Self-Service, Self-Help Modules: Lizzie Towl, Faculty of Graduate Research (Presentation:  1 h 7 mins–1 h 15 mins. Discussion: 1 h 15 mins–end.)

6 September

Use of technology in the lab

4 October

Exploring options for online and remote learning

This session started with a brief overview of remote courses that are currently being delivered by staff at Victoria University of Wellington followed by a presentation by Dr Jennie Swann, from AUT University.

1 November

Up close and personal: social media in the wired classroom

6 December

Innovation with Blackboard