Whakatau i te hunga ngaio

Academic orientation and TILT

This two-part orientation programme introduces new academic staff to academic life at the University.

All new academic staff need to attend Orientation to Academic Life at the University within 12 months of starting at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. This includes experienced staff and those on short-term appointments. All staff new to teaching must also attend Introduction to Learning and Teaching (TILT).

The Centre for Academic Development runs the Orientation to Academic Life and TILT programmes twice a year, in February and August as part of the New Staff Orientation Programme.

You will find out about the University's values, academic career framework, expectations, and students, as well as the support available for your teaching and research. All the workshops are interactive, practical sessions. They are informed by relevant research and run by experienced facilitators

Timing and registration

Register through the training calendar for Orientation to Academic Life and TILT through the calendar below. Navigate to the next sessions in February or August and register for all three days through the event listings.

Part 2: Orientation to Academic Life

This one-day programme is for all academic staff new to Victoria University of Wellington, at any academic level, and any other staff who want to have a deeper understanding of the teaching and research environment as part of their role. It provides a university-level orientation to academic expectations across all four areas of the academic career framework, with a strong focus on teaching and research

Part 3: The Introduction to Learning and Teaching (TILT)

The Introduction to Learning and Teaching (TILT) is a two-day programme. TILT introduces participants to theories of learning and teaching in higher education, provides resources and ideas for developing teaching, and introduces some amazing students and support staff.

Register for both TILT days through the training calendar.

You are also encouraged to attend the Part 1 New Staff Welcome and Orientation Programme, which is a general welcome to the University for all professional and academic staff.

If you have questions about Orientation to Academic Life or TILT, email cad-contact@vuw.ac.nz.

Other requirements for new staff

Orientation to PGR supervision

The Faculty of Graduate Research requires all supervisors who are new to the University (as well as any staff who are new to supervision) to complete an orientation course before starting to supervise research students at Victoria University of Wellington. Visit the FGR website for more details.

The Centre for Academic Development manages professional development for teachers. The team can help you find opportunities that match your career goals. Contact cad-contact@vuw.ac.nz.