VicTeach events 2019

Vic Teach events so far in 2019. See our main events page for details of upcoming events.

11 February

Transitioning large first year cohorts from lectures to student-centred learning: The good, the bad and the ugly

VicTeach First Year Experience Hub warmly invites you to a presentation from Associate Professor Chris Thompson of Monash University about “Transitioning large first year cohorts from lectures to student-centred learning: The good, the bad and the ugly”.

The very large chemistry and biology cohorts at Monash University (~1500 students) are undergoing major transformation, transitioning from lecture-based delivery to a student-centred learning model. This has been made possible through moving into innovative new learning spaces designed for active-learning on scale. The chemistry implementation in 2018 saw:

  • a reduction from three 1-hour lectures per week to two 1-hour workshops
  • a change from students sitting in long horizontal rows to sitting around tables
  • the addition of a teaching assistant alongside the main instructor to facilitate classroom activities.

All learning materials were completely overhauled for a blended learning experience. Over two semesters several different approaches were trialled, and student perspectives were captured, with a mixture of results. This presentation will share the outcomes from this implementation, and provide suggestions for those considering similar ambitious changes in their own large first year cohorts.

30 May

VicTeach introspective

  • Are you passionate about learning and teaching at Victoria University of Wellington?
  • Would you like to connect with a community of professional and academic staff across the University who have shared interests?
  • Do you want to explore a particular type of teaching (online, flipped, small groups, more interactive, innovative assessment)?
  • Or is there a challenge that you’d like to think about in more depth (first-year experience,  transition to and from university, retention of Māori and Pasifika students, sustainability, graduate attributes, inclusivity, diversity and access, gender balance, learning styles, supporting international students)?
  • Are you interested in new leadership opportunities with a great bunch of colleagues who are also passionate about teaching?
  • Do you have ideas about creative and innovative ways that VicTeach could best spend its budget—and an interest in following those through?

VicTeach is a professional learning community, established by staff, for staff, which has been running in a fairly organic way since 2013. We welcome all staff—and that is one of our strengths—professional staff, academics, tutors, and students are all key to ensuring (and improving on) a great learning experience at the University.

We run events throughout the year, including seminars, workshops, retreats, and also have funding to support community building and professional development related to teaching.

If any aspect of this interests you and you’d like to learn more about VicTeach, or have great ideas for VicTeach in 2019–2020, join us.

We will use the time to

  • Talk about where VicTeach has been, and our aspirations for the future.
  • Brainstorm events, seminars, visiting speakers, and other activities to support the community.
  • Identify the best ways to use our funding in order to build community and our professional development.
  • Find new leaders and guides for VicTeach.

19 July

Sharing Session

Come along and share successes and challenges in your teaching and learning in a relaxed informal setting at Milk and Honey.

22 July

A veitalanoa workshop: a discussion workshop

Supported by VicTeach following an Expression of Interest.

Two attempts to study at Victoria University of Wellington. From university drop out to a professional staff member guiding Pasifika students to academic success: Sera Vatuloka, Pasifika engagement adviser, and Cherie Chu, senior lecturer, Te Kura Māori.

Sera Vatuloka successfully secured the VicTeach grant for 2018. This enabled her to attend two conferences in Fiji: the Leadership Pacific and Vaka Pasifiki conference. Sera will speak on what she presented in Fiji.

In this VicTeach veitalanoa/discussion Sera Vatuloka will give a brief retrospective insight into her studies at the University and will present a framework that depicts her academic journey. Cherie Chu will also give an insight into the above conferences.

28 August

What does it mean to decolonise learning and teaching?: A conversation

Supported by VicTeach following an Expression of Interest.

What does it mean to teach in Aotearoa New Zealand? How can a deeper understanding of the ways that colonial violence and dispossession continue to shape our present and inform our teaching today? What might this mean for our pedagogy, assessment practices, and curricula? VicTeach is hosting a relaxed lunchtime event where five speakers will share their thoughts and experiences around decolonising learning and teaching.

We'll hear from Meegan Hall (AVC Mātauranga Māori, CAD), Ocean Mercier (Te Kawa a Māui), Tarapuhi Vaeau (Anthropology), Amanda Thomas (Environmental Studies) and Nayantara Sheoran Appleton (Science and Society), before opening it up more generally for discussion.

18 October

Sharing Session

Our second sharing session for the 2019. Come along and share successes and challenges in your teaching and learning in a relaxed informal setting at Milk and Honey.

24 October

7 x 7 on assessment

7 talks of 7 minutes each on online assessment practices and tools. You can watch a recording of the session.

The final line-up of speakers was:
  • Simon McCallum (School of Engineering and Computer Science): Using formula to provide students with control over how they are assessed both in multichoice exams and assignment rubrics.
  • John Randal (Victoria Business School): Online practice tests in Blackboard to scaffold students into final online tests.
  • Tuakana Metuarau (School of Design): Digital submissions and grading within the game courses in the School of Design.
  • Monique Damitio (School of Engineering and Computer Science): The technology behind submitting and grading assessments for COMP100 courses.
  • Steven Archer (School of Mathematics and Statistics): Using Bamboo tablets for marking math assessment.
  • David Pearce (School of Engineering and Computer Science): Automatic marking of student programming in Engineering.
  • Beth Smith (Centre for Academic Development): Creative assessment and student knowledge creation tools.
  • Andreas Drechsler (School of Information Management): Trialling a software tool (D-PAC) for comparative assessment.

5–7 December

VicTeach Retreat

VicTeach supported a research and writing retreat on the Kāpiti Coast at the beautiful Waihōanga Centre in Ōtaki Forks, approximately one hour north of Wellington.

This retreat was open to all professional, academic and teaching staff who are passionate about teaching and the student experience and were keen to explore options to develop research into their activities. It was also open to colleagues who wanted to spend dedicated time working on a teaching-related project, such as a new course development or design. In addition to dedicating writing time on on-going research/teaching projects related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL), there was also the opportunity to use other spaces on site for bouncing around initial research ideas, learning how to create a research context for an initiative and creating new collaborations.