Student feedback

Ways students can give feedback on the courses, teaching, services and support they experience at Victoria University of Wellington.

Feedback on teaching, courses and tutoring

Student feedback is an important part of improving our teaching and courses at the University. It’s how we find out what's working for our students and what they think we could do better.

We have both formal and informal processes for collecting and using feedback from students.

Students don't have to wait for teachers to seek feedback to share their thoughts on a course. They can talk to a teacher or support staff member directly, or go through their class representative.

Class representatives

Class representatives act as liaisons between the lecturer and students. They also work with the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) Student Representation Coordinator on any academic issues that may arise in their course.

Reps are elected by students by the third week of classes every trimester. Once elected, class reps register online and complete their online training through the VUWSA website. Representation may be approved (on a case-by-case basis) to count towards Wellington Plus and the Wellington International Leadership Programme.

Read the Class Representative Policy and find out more information and how to apply on the VUWSA website.

The Class Representative programme is run by the Victoria University Students’ Association (VUWSA) and is funded by the Student Services Levy.

Student experience improvement survey

Ensuring students have a great experience at the University is very important to us and one of our key strategic goals.

We use the student experience improvement survey to see what students think about non-teaching activities at the University. That includes things like functions, facilities and services. The results help us focus our services where they are needed most, and prioritise improvements.

The survey is conducted annually and student responses are anonymous.