Whakaako i tētahi kaupapa ako

Teaching a course


Students who are prevented from completing assessment items, or who consider that their performance in such items has been impaired by circumstances beyond their control, may apply for an aegrotat pass.

See assessment and grades for more information on aegrotat passes.

During examinations

The examination timetable will be posted when available. If you have prepared an examination, you need to attend the first 15 minutes or so of the exams to provide specific instructions and deal with any issues that might arise.

Entering grades and keeping marked work

All grades (not marks) must be entered into Banner by the second week after the last examination.

Your School admin team usually does this. Destroy uncollected scripts and assessment within three months of the end of the trimester.

Dealing with student complaints

There are several policies and statutes that address the issue of student complaints. You can also seek help from the Facilitation and Disputes Advisor.