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Teaching with video

Guidance for recording, uploading and sharing recorded lectures

Video can be used in teaching in several ways: lecture recording, zoom meeting/seminar recordings, webinars, content recordings, and screen recordings etc. Any presentation by staff made using digital tools can be easily recorded.

Zoom can be used even when no other person connects to the session using the screen sharing and recording features, and with the Panopto integration easily uploaded into staff or course folders for editing and sharing as needed. See our instructions on creating a course Zoom account and easily having any recordings shared with your students.

Staff presenting from many lecture theatres can have recordings made of those sessions automatically and these then appear without further action in the courses on Nuku/Canvas. You can do this either with Zoom using a course Zoom account, or through VStream.

The VStream system provides tools for making videos as well as ways of sharing videos to specific people. You can find  video guides on these functions. Instructions on using VStream in lecture theatres are available on the intranet and you can request an automatic schedule be created for your classes through the Staff Service Centre  which is in the MyTools section of the intranet.

Access to videos and sharing with specific people is easily done, and  instructions on managing videos are provided here.

Help with any of the tools and processes described here can be accessed by contacting the Digital Solutions Service Desk or by contacting reviewing support information in Staff support courses on Nuku.

Course Coordinators should ensure that all Nuku courses have information provided to students on how, when and where video and lecture recording content will be used within the course. Students should be aware of how to request exceptions and what video content will be shared with the course cohort.

For scheduling of automatic lecture recording see the guide in Tools for L&T in Nuku or  log a call with the Service Desk

Notes about privacy.

Please be aware when recording  teaching  with students present or included, that the privacy of student images, audio and data needs to be considered and protected.

  • Always inform students that a recording is being made and allow students to opt out of being captured.
  • Inform students through the Nuku course how and when the recordings will be made available and shared with the class.
  • Remind students that any videos made for the purposes of teaching are not to be shared outside of the course without explicit consent.

University Policies and procedures:

Lecture Recording Policy

Lecture Recording Procedure.