VicTeach events 2024

In 2024, our focus is on community-building and sustaining activities.

14 February

VicTeach 2024 kick-off

VicTeach invited everyone to join us for the 2024 kick-off event on Wednesday 14 February, 10 am–noon.

VicTeach is 100% led by the staff community. This was an important event for everyone who is new to VicTeach, has appreciated the VicTeach community in the past, or was interested in becoming more involved, to help us figure out both what we want to do and what we have the capacity to do in 2024.

During the kick-off we:

  • talked about where VicTeach has grown from, and heard from a range of VicTeach members—giving a sense of what VicTeach is about and what we can do if we want to
  • shared and asked for feedback on our plans to focus VicTeach activities on monthly meet-ups in the first half of the year
  • talked about longer-term priorities and opportunities.


VicTeach meet-ups

These are a relaxed opportunity for the VicTeach community to connect and talk about a shared interest. See the Events channel in our Teams space for when and where.