Academic writing

Learn the important steps from thinking about your essay topic to a polished piece of writing.

Writing assignments at university often requires you to brainstorm, plan, draft, write and revise your work. Learn more about developing effective writing processes through these resources.

This module was created to be a 50-minute workshop. However, you can put it down and come back to it at any point. The following video introduces you to the module and explains the content covered in the module. Use the Table of Contents below or the left-hand menu to navigate your way through the module.

Download booklet

Download the booklet that accompanies this online module. The booklet includes the transcripts to the videos as well as relevant handouts.

Table of Contents

Understanding your assignment A few things that you need to have a clear understanding of before you start writing
Essay structureLearn the important elements in an essay
Academic integrity Understand the importance of upholding academic integrity
Non-academic vs academic language Learn the difference between non-academic and academic language
Essay writing process Understand the different steps in the writing process
Summary Re-cap of the main points of the Academic Writing module