Mission, philosophy and policy

Student Learning aims to develop independent and active learners at all levels of tertiary study.

Student Learning operates as a full partner in the learning and teaching experience at Victoria University of Wellington. We support student-centred learning by providing student development opportunities. We communicate and collaborate with academic staff to enhance students' learning experience at the University.

We collaborate with academic and professional staff and student groups to inform, empower and improve students' learning experiences. We actively engage with research and apply best practice in our teaching and learning work.

Student Learning operates as a professional, experienced and collegial team within a welcoming, supportive and non-judgemental teaching and learning environment.

Our philosophy

Student Learning provides learning and transition programmes to help students succeed at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This provision recognises that the university education system is unique and that some transition to and through this environment is required for many learners to succeed. Some sessions are designed to support graduate attributes and personal skill development. Other sessions focus on developing leadership skills and cross-cultural understanding.

We help students understand the learning process and become independent, active learners. In one-to-one appointments, the student and the adviser work together to discuss the student's concerns. The student learns from the adviser and acquires core writing, editing, and study or maths skills. We do not assist with specific course content.

Our policy

The purpose of Student Learning is to teach skills and to develop independent learning. Learning advisers focus on generalised writing, study, and maths issues and teach skills to address these issues.

What we do

  • guide students in developing particular skills and relate these skills to their own work
  • act as a 'sounding board' for ideas on essays, seminars, and other assessments
  • suggest useful avenues of direction when students seem confused or overwhelmed
  • provide confidential support
  • help students gain confidence in the formal academic setting.

What we don't do

  • proofread essays
  • provide an editing service
  • do maths (or any) assignments
  • format student work
  • provide subject-specific information
  • assess work in any way.