Setting yourself up for study success

Before you go on any new adventure, it is good to be prepared.

Just as you would prepare for an overseas trip by checking that your passport is still valid, that you have any visas you may need, or that you have some of the foreign currencies you will need, it would also be good for you to make sure you prepare for university studies. Explore the topics below to make sure you understand what may be coming up ahead.

A birds eye view of a desk setup with a laptop and sticky notes.

Time management

Do you have enough time in your day? Do you leave things to the last minute? Setting and completing tasks, gives a sense of achievement.

An aerial view of a desk with laptop and other study items as well as some snacks.

Study location

When it comes to where to study, some places may be better than others.

A table with sticky notes, that promote, management, monitoring and maintenance.

Motivation and expectations

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going - Jim Rohn

view of shoes with arrows drawn in chalk on the ground

Making decisions

Find out how different decisions can result in different outcomes.

Man taking notes on note pad with open laptop

Taking effective notes

Learn useful note taking tips. Note taking helps with understanding and retention of lecture and reading material. 

Image of two students working with digital devices

Get IT savvy

Learn about what digital tools and resources are available to you as students.

Blackboard with chalk writing of mathematical formulas

Maths and Stats

Many degrees have a component of mathematics or statistics to them. We can help you develop your maths and statistics skills.


Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at Victoria University of Wellington. It contains all of the course information you need from readings, lecture notes as well as assignments. This little module will help you get to know Blackboard better.

Goal setting

Setting goals is important so that you can plan your steps to achieve them. Watch this video that illustrates this through Minecraft.