Academic integrity

Academic integrity means acting with the values of honesty, responsibility and commitment through your academic journey.

In terms of your writing, this means that when you put your name on your assignment, the words, research, and ideas are yours and yours alone, unless you have made it clear that they belong to someone else through direct quotes and citations.

To put it more simply, academic integrity can be summed up as:

Your work = your ideas, your words

Others' work = Paraphrase/quote + Citation


References and Citations

When you are writing, you will use research and readings to support your argument. Part of academic integrity is citing the original authors whose ideas, words, or research you are using.

In Academic Writing, we use references and citations to:

  • acknowledge the creator of the knowledge, research, quote
  • support your argument with evidence from published research
  • link ideas between research and how these ideas have developed over time
  • help your readers find the same material
  • show that you are knowledgeable about your field
  • avoid plagiarism

Different Reference Styles

Different disciplines use different referencing styles. You need to check which styles your subject uses (check your Course Outline on Nuku or ask your supervisor). Some common referencing styles are:


To check how to cite different source material for each of these, the following links may help:


VUW’s library has created some interactive practice activities for APA 7 – have a go!