Skills for online learning

Here are some things you may need to consider if you are studying online.

Learning online is great for flexibility. You can study anywhere you want and any time you want. There is the social flexibility to study when and where you want so you can fit in work and catch up with friends. However, online students tell us that there are different challenges with online learning compared to face-to-face classes. You really need to know yourself well to navigate those challenges. This module was created to make you aware of the challenges of taking an online course. You can complete the module at your own pace and you can return to it whenever you want. You can also start at any topic you wish.

Learning online

This video shows you some tips that will help you maximise your online learning experience.

Using Zoom

You may need to join a meeting or tutorial using Zoom. This video shows you how to do that.

Self reflection: are you ready for online learning

The reflection activity below gets you to think about what you need to prepare for to make sure you optimise your online learning experience. At the end, you can export the text and have a document that reminds you of your plan and strategies.