Mathematical Sciences jobs ranked most satisfying

The roles of Actuary, Mathematician, Statistician and Data Scientist ranked in the top ten jobs of 2018, according to a Career Cast survey.

This was out of 220 recognised job titles. The survey took into account the overall rating, projected growth and median salary.

Dr Peter Donelan, Head of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, says the results highlight the value of studying mathematical sciences. “It may come as a surprise to some, but our maths and statistics students are among the most employable of university graduates. This survey confirms that the careers our students move on to are both satisfying and provide great opportunities. If you are a parent and your daughter or son loves maths at school, tell them to stick at it—they have a skill that is in great demand.”

Career Cast found that these jobs reflect our increasing reliance on technology. Mathematicians and Data Scientists can find lucrative opportunities in the tech space parsing and analysing collected data. High growth outlook and impressive pay are the result of changes in technology fuelling job prospects for both professions.

Mathematicians, a career that this survey ranked second overall, have a median salary of $81,950 and a projected growth rate of 33.00%.

In 2019 the School of Mathematics and Statistics launches a new undergraduate major in Data Science, which students can take as part of a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Commerce.