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  • Stephen Marsland, wearing a blue hoodie, leans against a tree with green vegetation behind him.

    Conservation by numbers

    New Zealand has amazing birdlife: nocturnal parrots, birds that can’t fly, unique and beguiling birdsong, and varieties that turn up 50 years of being thought extinct. Unfortunately, many native species require wildlife management programmes and their clever camouflage often makes them hard to monitor.

  • Nick Brettell headshot

    Rutherford Fellowship for mathematics research

    Researcher Dr Nick Brettell will be joining the University’s School of Mathematics and Statistics to undertake research on mathematical structures called matroids, supported by a Rutherford Foundation Fellowship. Dr Brettell is currently at Durham University in the United Kingdom.

  • Developing zero-carbon aquaculture through data science

    A collaboration led by Victoria University of Wellington has received $13 million in funding to help New Zealand transition to a zero-carbon society by applying data science to the aquaculture industry.