Subjects offered

The School teaches two core disciplines: Mathematics and Statistics, and contributes to two multi-disciplinary majors: Actuarial Science and Data Science.


Mathematics is a fundamental discipline and has strong connections with philosophy and humanities. This dynamic subject has a rich history as well as many new and developing branches.

Building on a core of algebra, discrete mathematics and calculus, students may progress to more advanced courses in logic, geometry, analysis and calculus, algebra, combinatorics, applied mathematics and theoretical computer science.


Statistics is concerned with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. The data typically arise from a designed experiment, or more frequently, as part of some observational study.

Courses are offered in mathematical and applied statistics, operations research, probability and random processes, sample surveys and multivariate methods.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is concerned with the models and methods for undertaking the analysis, forecasting and management of risk, which come primarily from economics, mathematics and statistics.

Data Science

Data Science uses computing technologies, statistics, and mathematics to assess data and find hidden insights within it.

Develop these technical skills whilst working with real data sets to gain a practical understanding of the social dimensions of data. Students will also consider the broader implications of data use, such as ethics, communication and the law.