Student and alumni profiles

Find out what study in our School is like—read what our current and past students have to say about their experiences.

Seyedvahid Amirinezhad on graduation day.

Seyedvahid Amirinezhad

Whilst completing his PhD in Mathematics, Seyedvahid made the most of the opportunities that Wellington afforded him.

Jordan Barrett smiling while sitting in front of a garden of toi toi

Jordan Barrett

Jordan was not originally a mathematician; he came to Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington to study Physics and Computer Science.

Anthony Charsley smiling while taking some notes

Anthony Charsley

Anthony’s Honours and Master’s study has been directly transferrable to his current work with NIWA.

Master's candidate, Grace Clendon, stands in front of green vegetation at Kelburn campus.

Grace Clendon

With a Bachelor's in Ecology and Biodiversity, Grace decided that a Master of Applied Statistics would help set her up for a career in conservation.

Richard Costello in front of mirrored windows

Richard Costello

Seeing how statistical analysis underpins our understanding of the world—from science and economics through to philosophy—drew Richard to Applied Statistics.

Emma Greenbank writes mathematical equations on a whiteboard with an book propped open.

Emma Greenbank

As a born problem-solver, it was Emma’s endless questions about how the world functions that drew her to a degree in Physics and Mathematics.

Photograph portrait of Jaquille Haribhai-Thompson, taken infront of white brick

Jaquille Haribhai-Thompson

Jaquille found the mathematical field to have a range of interesting topics and career options for him to pursue.

Liam Jolliffe smiling in front of painting by Peter Smith. Painting depicts tables and graphs with red and yellow tones.

Liam Jolliffe

Liam found a lifelong passion in mathematics, now he is studying at the University of Cambridge and working towards a career in research.

Portrait photo of Malcolm Jones in front of blurred steel girders

Malcolm Jones

Malcolm has always had a curiosity for the intricacies and elegance of mathematics.

Meenu Jose draws images on a whiteboard.

Meenu Jose

With a career path firmly set in teaching, PhD candidate Meenu Mariya Jose, realised that to be a great teacher she first had to be a great student.

Christina Margetts  in front of a light sculpture.

Christina Margetts

Making the leap from Johannesburg to Wellington has allowed Christina to kick start her career as an actuary and make the most of her problem-solving skills.

Madeleine Mills working at computer, having a bit of a laugh

Madeleine Mills

Since Madeleine discovered that Data Science was a blend of all her favourite subject areas she hasn’t looked back.

Akib Mohammad smiles at the camera while working with a book

Akib Mohammad

The globally-recognised reputation for statistical research of Wellington’s School of Mathematics and Statistics gave Akib the confidence to study his PhD here.

Clea Molano sits at a table with a laptop in front of her and a blackboard with white chalk writing behind her.

Clea Molano

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics graduate Clea Molano now works as a data analyst at Garage Project.

A close up of Lindsay, wearing a white cap, looking at the camera with a waterfall and plants behind him.

Lindsay Morris

A combination of the University’s reputation and the School’s supportive staff saw Lindsay Morris decide to pursue a PhD in Statistics.

Keanu Piki smiling in front of trees

Keanu Piki

Keanu tells the story of Māori through his work with statistics at Te Puni Kōkiri (Ministry of Māori Development).

Oliver Ruan smiling in front of wood panel background

Oliver Ruan

The growing importance of data analysis, as well as a competitive streak, led Oliver to a Bachelor of Science in Statistics.

Jessica Santiago

Jessica Santiago

Having always loved learning about stars, galaxies and the universe, Jessica began a degree in physics with the intention of studying astronomy.

Sebastian stands in a corridor, leaning against a wall and looks outside at the plants.

Sebastian Schuster

A great supervisor, supportive department, and a diverse range of teaching opportunities were highlights of Dr Sebastian Schuster’s time as a PhD candidate.

Aleksa Vujičić leaning against a railing smiling. Backdrop is native garden.

Aleksa Vujičić

The experience of working on something new is what drew Aleksa to the Master of Science in Mathematics at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.