The scope for careers in mathematics and statistics is constantly expanding as new research and ideas are discovered.

Mathematics is fundamental to the study of virtually all science subjects and a prerequisite for the study of many others. More and more careers need some knowledge of mathematics.

Whether you are interested in becoming a linguist, geographer or psychologist, a share-broker, architect or market researcher, a computer programmer, physicist or biologist - mathematics opens doors.

In addition, the demand for statisticians and for people who have a working knowledge of statistics has burgeoned in recent years.

Careers in Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematicians and mathematical statisticians are employed in a wide variety of organisations, often as part of a multi-disciplinary team in which their particular expertise complements that of others.

Mathematics and statistics are used in various specialist applied areas including:

  • Astronomy
  • Biometrics - statistics for the study of biology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics and Econometrics - statistics for the study of economics
  • Meteorology and Atmospheric Research
  • Geophysics - physics of the earth
  • Seismology - the study of volcanoes and related phenomena
  • Metrology - the science of weights and measures
  • Physics
  • Market Research
  • Oceanography
  • Statistics


Mathematicians and Statisticians are employed in the following industries:

  • Government departments and State-Owned Enterprises
  • Crown Research Institutes, eg: NIWA and GNS Science
  • Financial Institutions including banks, insurance companies, businesses and management consulting firms
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Casinos
  • Construction Industry
  • Education

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