Ryan Thompson

Endlessly curious about the nature of our universe, Ryan is studying a Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics.

Ryan Thompson, with curly and voluminous hair, smiling.

Ryan has been curious about mathematics for as long as he can remember. After completing a BSc(Hons) in Mathematics in 2022, he decided to stay at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington to further pursue his passion in the area with an MSc.

Ryan loves the selection of courses that the University offers and the flexibility to take courses from outside his major that interest him. He was drawn to study at the University because of the friendly environment, the campus facilities, and the excellent teaching team. Looking back, Ryan says the University has more than lived up to his expectations.

“There is a strong team of Mathematics researchers here and a good range of course topics to choose from, so you can always learn about something you are specifically interested in.”

I have been given the opportunity to interact with many people who have provided me with new perspectives on my studies. Facilities like the gym and library are also excellent resources, no matter what you’re studying or researching.”

For his Master’s research, Ryan is combining the areas of topology and algebra to examine groupoids. He believes mathematics to be foundational to all studies and, ultimately, how the world works.

“I realised that so much rests on the foundation of mathematics, so I wanted to understand as much of it as I could. I consider mathematics to be the closest we can get to understanding the nature of our universe, and I can’t think of anything more interesting than that.”

To anyone thinking about studying Mathematics at Victoria University of Wellington, Ryan says: “If you are passionate about the subject, then go for it. Speaking from experience, you can give other things a go, but eventually you’ll be drawn back to what you genuinely enjoy. As long as you are passionate about your research, you will be successful.”