Malcolm Jones

Malcolm has always had a curiosity for the intricacies and elegance of mathematics.

Portrait photo of Malcolm Jones in front of blurred steel girders

Studying a Master of Science at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington provided the opportunity to continue working alongside high-quality supervisors.

Currently his thesis focuses on groupoids associated to self-similar groups. Self-similar groups emerged in the early eighties as algebraic structures encoding complex and interesting dynamics with few initial conditions.

“The world is dense with logical connections, most of which we will miss, but a handful of which we will have the pleasure to investigate if we dare to think outside the box,” Malcolm says.

Now he is using groupoids to model partial symmetries inherent in these self-similar groups.

“The Master of Science by thesis programme has given me the most freedom I have ever had to pursue interests, and I have world leaders in the field just down the corridor to help me along the way.”

Malcolm had found confidence in his research and abilities working with Associate Professor Lisa Clark and Professor Astrid an Huef.

“They give me the opportunity to share my ideas and pursue my interests. My supervisors have an intuition and expertise that I so far lack in my mathematical adolescence, so they often have stimulating insights to share that steer my investigations in interesting and productive directions.”