Managing your time

Successful people have good time management skills. Learn strategies to make the most of the hours in your day.

Hear what students say about managing your workload at university.

Do you never have enough time in your day? Do you leave things to the last minute? By setting and completing tasks, you'll get a sense of achievement and feel productive.

Set up a study routine

Mark all assignment dates on your wall planner or diary (you can get these for free from VUWSA if you join). You can use the Workload planner exc18KB for the whole year, or the Assignment planner pdf240KB for each trimester.

Mark in all of your fixed weekly commitments such as work and sport. You can use the Week planner pdf347KB or Allocating your time handout pdf172KB . Alternatively you can use the Excel Weekly planner template exc51KB.

Plan your study times

You will need to study 8–10 hours a week for each undergraduate course you take. Include readings, summarising, reviewing notes, researching, asking questions about your readings and lectures, study groups, planning and drafting assignments.

Read the Suggested study routine pdf392KB handout to get a picture of how planning your time works in practice.

What other people say about managing time

Develop your skills

Make a one-to-one appointment with a learning adviser.