Study smarter

Learn how to make good use of your time, take helpful notes and revise effectively so you can work smarter, not harder.

If you make good use of your time in and out of class, you'll be well on the way to developing effective and efficient study habits. Regular revision of your lecture notes within 24 hours, doing the readings and keeping up with your workload during the semester will help you achieve success in your exams.

Hear some students talk about challenges around coming to university and the support available.

Managing your time

Successful people have good time management skills. Learn strategies to make the most of the hours in your day.

Taking effective notes

Learn useful note taking tips. Note taking helps with understanding and retention of lecture and reading material. 

Setting up study groups

Social connections can enhance your learning. Join a formal study group, or find suggestions for setting up your own.

Passing exams

Preparation for exams and tests starts on day one of the trimester. Find useful advice on studying towards exams and tests.

Get IT savvy

Technology is a big part of studying at university. Familiarise yourself with our systems and find other recommended tools to support your learning.