Exchange Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are to ensure transparency of the requirements that apply to students who participate in a student exchange, and to maintain the integrity of the exchange programme. You must agree to the Terms and Conditions and complete this form before being offered a place on an exchange programme. Please read the terms below carefully. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact

I agree that, if I am offered and accept an exchange through Victoria University of Wellington's Global Exchange Programme, I will:

  1. Comply with all statutes, policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and reasonable requirements of both Victoria University of Wellington and the host university while on exchange.
  2. Comply with Victoria University of Wellington's Applicant Declaration and Student Agreement
  3. Maintain at least a B average and complete at least 120 points or a full-time year of study before the commencement of my exchange. I understand that Wellington Global Exchange will check my most recent grades before my departure. If I no longer meet the criteria, I may be withdrawn from the exchange programme.
  4. Enrol in a full-time course of study at both Victoria University of Wellington and the host university while on exchange.
  5. Pay on time all fees and levies as advised by Victoria University of Wellington in relation to my exchange.
  6. Obtain suitable travel and health insurance for the duration of my exchange before I depart New Zealand, and ensure its suitability with both the Wellington Global Exchange office and the host university.
  7. Attend any briefing sessions held by Wellington Global Exchange prior to my exchange commencing, and attend any orientation and other exchange related activities required by my host university.
  8. Familiarise myself with my host university's procedure for issuing transcripts and provide all necessary authorisations to ensure the host university can send a full transcript to Victoria University of Wellington.
  9. Represent Victoria University of Wellington while on exchange. This may include attending promotional events.
  10. Immediately notify both Wellington Global Exchange and my host university's exchange office should I need to return to New Zealand earlier than intended.
  11. Notify Wellington Global Exchange if I wish to extend the period of my exchange. I understand that Victoria University of Wellington is under no obligation to agree to an extension of my exchange.
  12. Immediately notify Wellington Global Exchange if, prior to departing New Zealand or while on exchange, I am charged with or convicted of any criminal offence or am subject to disciplinary action under Victoria University of Wellington's Student Conduct Statute (or my host University's equivalent). I understand that this may lead to my application and/or exchange programme being declined or terminated.
  13. Provide an evaluation about my exchange experience. I understand that credit will not be transferred to my Victoria University of Wellington programme unless I provide my report.
  14. Work in a voluntary mentoring and/or promotional role for the Wellington Global Exchange programme upon my return, as required for the Wellington Global Exchange grant.
  15. Update both Victoria University of Wellington and my host university if my residential address and contact details, or my nominated emergency contact details (as provided below), change at any time during my exchange.  I understand that Victoria University of Wellington and/or my host university may contact my nominated emergency contact if they have concerns about my wellbeing or safety.
  16. Notify Victoria University of Wellington and my host university if I have any concerns about my health, wellbeing or safety or my ability to study, or if I have any other concerns (including concerns about discrimination, racism, bullying, harassment or abuse, or the health, wellbeing and safety of other students).  I understand that Victoria University of Wellington and my host university may work together to offer me appropriate support and, where relevant, assist me to access additional services.  I understand that health (including mental health) of exchange students can be affected by the stresses which come with living and studying overseas, and that notifying Victoria University of Wellington and my host university is important as it assists them to support me in accessing appropriate services and other supports.
  17. Follow the Withdrawal Procedure as published on the Wellington Global Exchange website if I wish to withdraw from the exchange programme.
  18. I understand that:

  19. The University will collect, store, use and disclose personal information about me in order to carry out its operations, functions and activities as a university and facilitate my exchange.  I understand that the information I provide to Victoria University of Wellington is being collected for the purposes described in, and will be used in accordance with, the University's privacy notice (at, which I have read and understood.  Without limiting the foregoing, I confirm that I am aware that Victoria University of Wellington will share information about me with my host institution to facilitate the exchange.  I consent to this occurring and I understand that the host institution may not be required by the laws in that country to protect the information in a way that, overall, provides comparable safeguards to those under New Zealand law.
  20. In light of the Covid 19 Global Pandemic, travel to any location carries a level of risk and that I have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions set out in the University’s Additional COVID-19 Terms and Conditions which are set out in Annexure 1.
  21. If I fail to comply with any of the above terms and conditions, my exchange may be declined or terminated and I will accept full responsibility for the consequences of any such termination.  I understand that I may not receive a refund of my tuition fees if my exchange is declined or terminated.

Annexure 1 - Additional COVID-19 Terms and Conditions

Acknowledgment of risks and policy compliance

Travel to any location carries some level of risk; many of these are beyond the traveller’s control and some are exacerbated under Covid-19 travel conditions. A non-exhaustive list of some of these are below.

Travel plan restrictions and registration

I understand that Victoria University of Wellington is currently only approving student exchanges to countries with which the New Zealand government permits quarantine-free travel, except in exceptional circumstances for which I have gained approval from both my Faculty and the Wellington Global Exchange Office. I understand that this restriction applies to both the country in which the potential host university is located and to any additional travel during the period of exchange.

I understand Victoria University of Wellington is currently only approving to travel to and between destinations with an MFAT travel advisory rating of 1 - Exercise normal safety and security precautions or 2 - Exercise increased caution, in conjunction with outbound semester exchange in trimester 2 2022; travel to all destinations rated as 3 - Avoid non-essential travel and 4 - Do not travel is prohibited.

I understand that I am required to submit copies of all travel itinerary bookings to the Wellington Global Exchange office (at ) at least 2 weeks prior to departure from New Zealand.

Insurance for NZ citizens

I understand that I am responsible for purchasing the Studentsafe Outbound insurance policy provided by Allianz (or another suitable policy approved by the Wellington Global Exchange office or the host university) for the duration of my overseas study program and associated travel.  Coverage should commence on the day of departure from New Zealand and last until my return to New Zealand (or the end of my exchange programme, if I do not intend to return to New Zealand).

I understand that travel insurance will likely cover me for COVID-19 medical related incidents but may not cover me for cancellations or quarantine expenses related to COVID-19.

Currently the recommended Studentsafe Outbound insurance policy will not cover costs associated with the following:

  • Cancellations to travel caused by government-imposed lockdowns
  • Costs if either government imposes blanket quarantines
  • Travel delay costs caused by Covid-19
  • Border closures due to Covid-19
  • Travel to any other countries where there is still a ‘do not travel’ alert in place

I am aware the Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) has advised that border closures by a government are not covered by any insurer as it is not possible to develop a product that accounts for the uncertainty and the level of risk this presents.

I understand that I am advised to pay close attention to the wording of my insurance policy.

Continuity of study plans

This section covers your plans in case that quarantine-free travel between New Zealand and a host country is paused for an extended period, or Covid-19 government restrictions result in an unexpected delay/change of urgent travel.

I understand that my studies may be interrupted due to COVID-19 and I may be required to complete my studies online where possible should this occur.  I understand that Victoria University of Wellington recommends that I have contingency plans in place:

  • In case I am unable to depart from New Zealand in time for the start of the host university’s semester (which plans may include continuing my exchange online (if supported by my host university) or enrolling in courses at Victoria University of Wellington); and
  • In case restrictions are imposed (eg lockdowns) while I am outside New Zealand which affect my ability to attend my host university and/or return home to New Zealand.

I understand that if I withdraw from the exchange programme after the deadline for changing enrolments, I may not be eligible for a refund of fees.  I also understand that Victoria University of Wellington may not be able to provide academic credit for the courses I take at my host university if those courses are cancelled due to COVID-19.

Covid-19 border/regulation travel risks and requirements

I understand that I must consider the risks involved with travelling between the host country and New Zealand during the current Covid-19 pandemic. This includes the potential health risks, as well as the potential for disrupted travel plans and limited insurance cover available for claims or financial losses related to epidemics or pandemics.

As a traveller, I am responsible for ensuring I understand and meet all immigration and entry requirements for the host country. I will read the information from the NZ Government on quarantine free travel as on the Unite Against Covid-19 website.

The New Zealand government maintains a list of country-specific travel warnings, alerts and guidance for travellers, available at

Victoria University of Wellington travellers are required to read applicable travel warnings in advance and register their travel on the SafeTravel website here.

I understand that I'm responsible for monitoring local news sources and the above-mentioned web pages for any changes in host country Covid-19 restrictions and amending my travel arrangements accordingly.

Additionally, I understand that I have reviewed and understood the risks and requirements below:

  • The trajectory of the virus at the local, national, and international levels is unpredictable.
  • Government policies/travel restrictions, including operation of travel bubbles, may change at a short notice; travellers may be unable to leave or return to New Zealand or a country of origin for an extended period.
  • Only individuals with the right to return New Zealand without requesting permission from Immigration New Zealand (INZ) may be able to return to New Zealand for the duration that quarantine free travel is suspended.
  • Travellers may be required to isolate and in an MIQ facility at their own cost upon return to New Zealand.  Where isolation at an MIQ facility is required, there may be significant delays in being able to secure a place in such facility.
  • Different regions and states within a host country may have different requirements and rules for travellers related to Covid-19 and these requirements may change with little warning.  Travellers are responsible for checking the conditions or requirements in each state or other destination they intend to travel to prior to travelling and adhering to conditions/requirements.
  • Travellers are responsible for monitoring local news sources and the Unite Against Covid-19 website for any changes in quarantine free travel arrangements and for amending travel arrangements accordingly.
  • Travellers must bring any equipment they need to study remotely in case travel is unexpectedly delayed.
  • Travellers should consider any personal/family commitments in case they are unexpectedly delayed for an extended time.
  • Travellers should consider any health/safety/medication requirements and ensure these can be met while travelling including unplanned extended stays.
  • Costs associated with government-imposed COVID-related border or travel restrictions are not currently insurable by any New Zealand-based insurance provider and travellers will be responsible for any costs that arise which are uninsurable.
  • Travellers should ensure they have updated their emergency contacts (as required above) and must inform the Wellington Global Exchange office if this information changes.
  • Travellers should discuss any concerns they have undertaking travel at this time with the Wellington Global Exchange Office.

I confirm that that I have adequate financial resources to cover me for the duration of my exchange, including any interruptions or delays caused by COVID-19.  Without limiting the previous sentence, I confirm that I have adequate financial resources to cover quarantine expenses, delayed or cancelled flights, and living expenses if I am required to remain overseas for extended periods due to the borders between the host country and New Zealand closing or remain closed.


By submitting this form, I certify that:

  • I have read, understood and agree to comply with the above expectations and Terms and Conditions of participation in the Wellington Global Exchange programme and the Additional COVID-19 Terms and Conditions set out in Annexure 1; and,
  • The information set out in my application and supporting documents is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I withhold information or provide false or misleading information my application to participate in the exchange programme may be declined or terminated.