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  • PhD, Economics, London School of Economics, 1987
  • MSc (Dist), Economics, London School of Economics, 1985
  • BSocSc. Hons (first class), Economics, University of Waikato, 1978


Dr Arthur Grimes is a Senior Fellow at Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust, Adjunct Professor of Economics at Victoria University of Wellington and Honorary Professor of Economics at University of Waikato. He is a research economist, with strong links to public policy. He was Reserve Bank of New Zealand Chairman from 2003-2013, where he was previously Chief Economist and a principal architect of inflation targeting. He has worked in the private sector as Chief Executive of Southpac Investment Management Limited and as Chief Economist of the National Bank of New Zealand.  Currently, he is a board member of the Financial Markets Authority and he chairs the Hugo Group strategy sessions.  

Current research interests focus on the economics of wellbeing, urban economics (including housing and infrastructure), and central banking (including currency union). He has written several books (including a history of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand) and has published papers in major journals on topics related to economic reform, economics of wellbeing, monetary and exchange rate policies, and urban economics.

Dr Grimes is currently President of the New Zealand Association of Economists and Co-Editor of New Zealand Economic Papers. In 2005, he was awarded the NZIER Economics Award recognising excellence in areas of economics that relate to New Zealand's economic welfare. The award citation included his development of inflation targeting and his research into a potential ANZAC dollar (common currency with Australia). In 2013, he was awarded the NZ-UK Link Visiting Professorship to the University of London. He is also a trustee of the Wellington Jazz & Music Festival Trust and plays saxophone and harmonica in City Jazz.


Dr Grimes teaches GOVT 521 (Economics and Policy) which is a core course for the MPP and MPM degrees. He is available to supervise postgraduate students, and currently supervises an honours student in the School of Economics and Finance.

Contribution to courses in 2016:

GOVT 521 – Economics and Policy

Selected publications

Books (authored)

  • John Singleton, Arthur Grimes, Gary Hawke & Frank Holmes. 2006. Innovation in Central Banking: A History of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Auckland: Auckland University Press
  • Arthur Grimes, Frank Holmes and Roger Bowden. 2000. An ANZAC Dollar: Currency Union and Business Development, Wellington: Institute of Policy Studies

Books (edited)

  • Arthur Grimes, Lydia Wevers & Ginny Sullivan (eds). 2002. States of Mind: Australia and New Zealand 1901-2001, Wellington: Institute of Policy Studies
  • Arthur Grimes, Alan Jones, Roger Proctor & Grant Scobie (eds). 2001. Economics for Policy: Expanding the Boundaries – Essays by Peter Gorringe, Wellington: Institute of Policy Studies
  • Principal Editor. 1992. Monetary Policy & the New Zealand Financial System (3rd ed). Wellington: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Refereed journal articles

  • Grimes, Arthur, Eyal Apatov, Larissa Lutchman and Anna Robinson. 2016. “Eighty Years of Urban Development in New Zealand: Impacts of Economic and Natural Factors”, New Zealand Economic Papers, 50(3), forthcoming.
  • Grimes, Arthur, Nick Preval, Chris Young, Richard Arnold, Tim Denne, Philippa Howden-Chapman, Lucy Telfar-Barnard. 2016. "Does Retrofitted Insulation Reduce Household Energy Use? Theory and Practice", The Energy Journal, 37(4), forthcoming,
  • Grimes, Arthur, Judd Ormsby, Anna Robinson, Siu Yuat Wong. 2016. “Subjective Wellbeing Impacts of National and Subnational Fiscal Policies”. REGION (European Regional Science Association), 3(1), 43-69.
  • Grimes, Arthur. 2015. “Recent Quantitative Approaches to Measuring Wellbeing in New Zealand”. New Zealand Sociology 30(3), 112-120.
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Book Chapters

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Working papers (since 2014; not otherwise published)

  • Apatov E., Grimes A. July 2016. “Higher Education Institutions and Regional Growth: The Case of New Zealand”, Motu Working Paper 16-11, Wellington: Motu.
  • Fabling, Richard, Arthur Grimes & Levente Timar. 2016. “Labour Market Dynamics Following a Regional Disaster”, Motu Working Paper 16-07.
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