Undergraduate study

The Wellington Faculty of Engineering offers a range of majors across the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degrees.

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours—BE(Hons)

The Bachelor of Engineering with Honours is a four-year undergraduate degree accredited by Engineering New Zealand. This degree focuses on digital-based technology and the design and implementation of real-world systems.

Majors for the BE(Hons)

Cybersecurity Engineering

Get the practical, technical, and theoretical knowledge to protect computers, data, programs, and networks from attack and unauthorised access.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Develop systems to solve real-world problems. You can choose to specialise in Communication Engineering, Machine Learning, Renewable Energy Systems Engineering, or Robotics.

Software Engineering

Design, build, and program complex computer and software systems, and graduate with the technical and communication skills to work in and lead teams. You can choose to specialise in Artificial Intelligence or Networked Applications.

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

The Bachelor of Science is a flexible three-year undergraduate degree. You can include subjects from outside science to get a broad education tailored to your needs and interests.

Majors for the BSc

Artificial intelligence

Learn about the science and engineering of making intelligent machines that sense, act, and learn from experience, to perform tasks for humans.

Computer Graphics and Games

Gain the programming, engineering, and maths skills to create computer graphics and games, and get an introduction to computer graphics and game design.

Computer Science

Discover the concepts and techniques behind computer science, computer programming, and algorithms. You can choose to specialise in Artificial Intelligence or Cybersecurity.

Electronic and Computer Systems

Learn the maths and physics behind electronics and mechatronics, and do group projects using electronics, programming, and computer science.

Renewable Energy Systems

This major and minor are not accepting new students in 2022.

Add to your degree

If you did a degree in a different subject, you can effectively add a major in Computer Science or Electronic and Computer Systems—and prepare for postgraduate study—by doing a 120-point Graduate Diploma in Science (GDipSc) or a 60-point Graduate Certificate in Science.

COMP 102 or COMP 112

We offer two different programming courses in Trimester 1—COMP 102 and COMP 112. Which one you should take depends on your programming background. Find out more.