About us

The Wellington Faculty of Engineering offers exciting and challenging programmes combining the best of science, technology and engineering.

If you’re interested in a STEM career, this is the place to come whether you’re starting out or building on another qualification.

Starting your study with the Faculty of Engineering

Our Bachelor of Engineering with Honours programme is a four-year professional accredited degree with majors in Cybersecurity Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Software Engineering.

Within the three-year Bachelor of Science degree, we offer majors in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics and Games, Computer Science, Data Science, Electronics and Computer Systems, Mathematics and Statistics.

Postgraduate study with leading researchers

We offer a wide range of postgraduate study options if you wish to advance in your studies or develop your research under academic supervision.

Whether you choose a Master’s degree or a PhD, you will be taught and mentored by experienced academics and researchers committed to preparing you for your future career.

Many of our researchers are internationally recognised as leaders in their field, making us New Zealand’s number one ranked research university.

Think it. Plan it. Build it.

This is our motto and it applies not only to new technology but also to your career. Think about what you want. Plan how to get there. Build the skills and tools you need to do so.

Become a professional engineer, dive into the science of how computers really work, or learn how to build computer graphics and visual effects from the ground up—the choice is yours.