The Wellington Faculty of Engineering offers programmes across digital engineering and science—whether you’re starting out or building on another qualification.

Come learn from enthusiastic and committed teachers who incorporate the latest knowledge into their teaching. Many are internationally recognised as leaders in their field, and can provide experience and guidance in a wide range of projects from artificial intelligence to renewable energy.

If you’re interested in a STEM career, this is the place to come for exciting and challenging programmes combining the best of science, technology and engineering. Become a professional engineer, dive into the science of how computers really work, or learn how to build computer graphics and visual effects from the ground up—the choice is yours.

Undergraduate study

The Wellington Faculty of Engineering offers a range of majors across the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degrees.

Postgraduate study

Pursue advanced study, and learn from experienced academics and researchers committed to preparing you for your future career.

Courses offered

Access lists of all of the Computer Science and Engineering courses currently offered by Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

Student Guides

Download the Faculty of Engineering Handbooks.

Student support

Find out how you can get support with your learning, or to stay well, including support specifically for Māori, Pasifika, and international students.

Tītoko—Centre for Student Success

Get in touch with the Tītoko—Centre for Student Success team for help with course planning and administration, examinations, graduation, and student records.


Graduates of the Wellington Faculty of Engineering have the right theoretical, practical, and transferrable skills for rewarding careers.


Find out about scholarships and prizes available to students in the Wellington Faculty of Engineering.

Work experience and internships

Our work experience programme supports connections between students and employers, training people for the future of the New Zealand IT industry.