Courses offered

Explore the courses offered at the Wellington Faculty of Engineering.

AIML131 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 100
AIML231 Techniques in Machine Learning 200
AIML232 Techniques in Artificial Intelligence 200
AIML420 Artificial Intelligence 400
AIML421 Machine Learning Tools and Techniques 400
AIML425 Neural Networks and Deep Learning 400
AIML426 Evolutionary Computation and Learning 400
AIML427 Big Data 400
AIML428 Text Mining and Natural Language Processing 400
AIML429 Probabilistic Machine Learning 400
AIML430 Applications and Implications of Artificial Intelligence 400
AIML431 Current Topics in Artificial Intelligence 400
AIML440 Directed Individual Study 400
AIML441 Directed Individual Study 400
AIML487 Research Project 400
AIML501 Research Essay in Artificial Intelligence 500
AIML589 Research Project 500
AIML591 Thesis in Artificial Intelligence 500
AIML690 Artificial Intelligence for PhD 600
CGRA151 Introduction to Computer Graphics and Games 100
CGRA251 Computer Graphics 200
CGRA252 Game Engine Programming 200
CGRA259 Game Prototyping – Programming 200
CGRA350 Real-time 3D Computer Graphics 300
CGRA352 Image-based Graphics 300
CGRA354 Computer Graphics Programming 300
CGRA359 Games and Graphics Project 300
CGRA402 Project in Computer Graphics Programming 400
CGRA408 Computer Graphics Rendering 400
CGRA409 Geometry Processing Algorithms 400
CGRA440 Directed Individual Study 400
CGRA463 Computer Graphics Practicum 400
CGRA489 Research Project 400
CGRA591 Thesis in Computer Graphics 500
CGRA691 Computer Graphics for PhD 600
COMP102 Introduction to Computer Program Design 100
COMP103 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms 100
COMP112 Introduction to Computer Science 100
COMP132 Programming for the Natural and Social Sciences 100
COMP261 Algorithms and Data Structures 200
COMP304 Programming Languages 300
COMP307 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 300
COMP309 Machine Learning Tools and Techniques 300
COMP312 Simulation and Stochastic Models 300
COMP313 Computer Game Development 300
COMP361 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 300
COMP420 Artificial Intelligence 400
COMP421 Machine Learning 400
COMP422 Data Mining, Neural Networks and Genetic Programming 400
COMP423 Intelligent Agents 400
COMP424 Big Data 400
COMP440 Directed Individual Study 400
COMP441 Directed Individual Study 400
COMP471 Special Topic: Probabilistic Machine Learning 400
COMP489 Research Project 400
COMP501 Research Essay in Computer Science 500
COMP540 Directed Individual Study 500
COMP589 Project 500
COMP591 Thesis 500
COMP690 Computer Science for PhD 600
COMP692 Computer Science for PhD (Engineering) 600
CYBR171 Cybersecurity Fundamentals 100
CYBR271 Code Security 200
CYBR371 System and Network Security 300
CYBR372 Applied Cryptography 300
CYBR373 Governance, Risk and Compliance 300
CYBR471 Cybersecurity Attack and Defence Techniques 400
CYBR472 Cybercrime Investigations 400
CYBR473 Malware Analysis 400
DATA201 Techniques of Data Science 200
DATA202 Data Management and Programming 200
DATA301 Data Science in Practice 300
DATA302 Machine Learning Techniques for Data Science 300
DATA303 Statistics for Data Science 300
DATA304 Simulation and Stochastic Models 300
DATA351 Data Science Internship 300
DATA471 Practical Data Science 400
DATA472 Data Management and Programming 400
DATA473 Statistical Modelling for Data Science 400
DATA474 Simulation & Stochastic Models 400
DATA480 Research Preparation for Data Science 400
DATA481 Special Topic: 400
DATA482 Special Topic: 400
DATA483 Special Topic: 400
DATA487 Research Project 400
DATA489 Research Project 400
DATA491 Mathematics for Data Science 400
DATA492 Data Science Algorithms 400
DATA501 Advanced Techniques in Data Science 500
DATA581 Data Science Practicum 500
DATA588 Research Project 500
DATA591 Thesis in Data Science 500
DATA690 Data Science for PhD 600
ECEN202 Digital Electronics 200
ECEN203 Analogue Circuits and Systems 200
ECEN204 Electronic Design 200
ECEN220 Signals and Systems 200
ECEN301 Embedded Systems 300
ECEN302 Integrated Digital Electronics 300
ECEN303 Analogue Electronics 300
ECEN310 Communication Engineering 300
ECEN315 Control Systems Engineering 300
ECEN321 Engineering Statistics 300
ECEN405 Power Electronics 400
ECEN410 Advanced Communications Engineering 400
ECEN415 Advanced Control Systems Engineering 400
ECEN422 Convex Optimisation 400
ECEN425 Advanced Mechatronic Engineering 1: Hardware and Control 400
ECEN426 Special Topic: Advanced Mechatronic Systems 400
ECEN430 Advanced Mechatronic Engineering 2: Intelligence and Design 400
EEEN201 Mechatronic Design and Prototyping 200
EEEN202 Digital Electronics and Microprocessors 200
EEEN203 Circuit Analysis 200
EEEN204 Electronic Devices 200
EEEN220 Signals, Systems and Statistics 1 200
EEEN301 Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems 300
EEEN310 Communication Engineering 300
EEEN313 Power Electronics and Electrical Machines 300
EEEN315 Control and Instrumentation 300
EEEN320 Signals, Systems and Statistics 2 300
EEEN325 Robotic Engineering 300
EEEN401 Applied Electromagnetics and Compliance 400
EEEN402 Programmable Digital Logic 400
EEEN410 Advanced Communications Engineering 400
EEEN411 Coding and Cryptography for Communications 400
EEEN415 Advanced Control Systems Engineering 400
EEEN422 Convex Optimisation 400
EEEN425 Advanced Robotic Engineering 400
EEEN427 Special Topic: Advanced Mechatronic Design 400
EEEN431 Musical Robotics 400
ELCO489 Research Project 400
ELCO580 Research Preparation 500
ELCO591 Thesis 500
ELCO690 Thesis 600
ENGR101 Engineering Technology 100
ENGR110 Engineering Design 100
ENGR111 Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems 100
ENGR121 Engineering Mathematics Foundations 100
ENGR122 Engineering Mathematics with Calculus 100
ENGR123 Engineering Mathematics with Logic and Statistics 100
ENGR141 Engineering Science 100
ENGR142 Engineering Physics for Electronics and Computer Systems 100
ENGR201 Engineering in Context 200
ENGR222 Computational Algebra and Calculus 200
ENGR291 Work Experience Preparation 200
ENGR301 Engineering Project Management 1 300
ENGR302 Engineering Project Management 2 300
ENGR340 Directed Individual Study 300
ENGR391 Practical Work Experience 300
ENGR401 Professional Practice 400
ENGR440 Directed Individual Study 400
ENGR441 Directed Individual Study 400
ENGR489 Engineering Project 400
ENGR491 Professional Work Experience 400
ENGR501 Engineering Research and Communication 500
ENGR502 Engineering Professional Practice 500
ENGR510 Engineering Project 1 500
ENGR511 Engineering Project 2 500
ENGR581 Directed Individual Study 500
ENGR582 Directed Individual Study 500
ENGR588 Engineering Research and Development Project 500
ENGR589 Industry Project 500
ENGR591 Thesis 500
ENGR592 Thesis 500
ENGR690 Engineering for PhD 600
ENGR695 Engineering for PhD (Robinson) 600
MATH132 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking 100
MATH141 Calculus 1A 100
MATH142 Calculus 1B 100
MATH151 Algebra 100
MATH161 Discrete Mathematics and Logic 100
MATH177 Probability and Decision Modelling 100
MATH212 Introduction to Real Analysis 200
MATH243 Multivariable Calculus 200
MATH244 Ordinary Differential Equations 200
MATH245 Computational Mathematics 200
MATH251 Linear Algebra 200
MATH261 Groups and Graphs 200
MATH277 Mathematical Statistics 200
MATH301 Partial Differential Equations 300
MATH309 Mathematical Logic 300
MATH311 Algebra 300
MATH317 Metric Spaces 300
MATH318 Hilbert Spaces 300
MATH321 Introduction to Applied Mathematics 300
MATH322 Applied Mathematics II 300
MATH323 Mathematics for Earth Sciences 300
MATH324 Coding and Cryptography 300
MATH335 Computability and Complexity 300
MATH353 Optimisation 300
MATH361 Graph Theory 300
MATH377 Probability and Random Processes 300
MATH381 Special Topic: Complex Analysis 300
MATH432 Discrete Mathematics 400
MATH433 Model Theory 400
MATH434 Set Theory 400
MATH435 Computability and Complexity 400
MATH436 Galois Theory and Number Theory 400
MATH437 Polynomials, Ideals and Varieties 400
MATH439 Category Theory 400
MATH440 Directed Individual Study 400
MATH441 Measure Theory 400
MATH442 Functional Analysis 400
MATH443 Operator Algebra 400
MATH452 Topology 400
MATH453 Lie Groups and Lie Algebras 400
MATH460 Directed Individual Study 400
MATH461 Differential Equations 400
MATH462 Dynamical Systems and Control 400
MATH464 Differential Geometry 400
MATH465 General Relativity and Cosmology 400
MATH466 Topics in Applied Mathematics 400
MATH467 Topics in Applied Mathematics 400
MATH477 Probability 400
MATH482 Special Topic: Infinite Combinatorics 400
MATH483 Special Topic: Operator Algebra 400
MATH487 Research Project 1 400
MATH488 Research Project 2 400
MATH489 Research Project 400
MATH591 Thesis 500
MATH690 Mathematics for PhD 600
MATH691 Mathematics for PhD (Science) 600
MATH693 Mathematics for PhD (Computer/Data Science) 600
NWEN241 Systems Programming 200
NWEN243 Clouds and Networking 200
NWEN301 Operating Systems Design 300
NWEN302 Computer Network Design 300
NWEN303 Concurrent Programming 300
NWEN304 Advanced Network Applications 300
NWEN403 Advanced Network Engineering 400
NWEN404 Mobile Computing 400
NWEN438 Special Topic: System and Network Security 400
NWEN439 Special Topic: Protocols and Architecture for the Internet of Things 400
NWEN690 Network Engineering for PhD 600
RESE111 Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems 100
RESE211 Renewable Energy Generation Systems 200
RESE212 Renewable Energy Conversion and Storage 200
RESE311 Energy Economic Analyses 300
RESE312 Sustainability Modelling Techniques 300
RESE321 Renewable Energy Generation Engineering 300
RESE322 Renewable Energy Storage Engineering 300
RESE323 Renewable Energy Policy 300
RESE411 Power Systems Analysis 400
RESE412 Advanced Development of RE Systems 400
RESE413 Power Electronics and Electrical Machines 400
RESE421 Energy Economic Analyses 400
RESE422 Sustainability Modelling Techniques 400
RESE423 Case studies of RE Systems 400
RESE431 RE Systems Generation 400
RESE432 RE Storage and Conversion 400
RESE451 Research methods for RE systems (theory) 400
RESE452 Research methods for RE systems (project) 400
RESE487 Research Project 400
RESE589 Research Project 500
RESE591 Thesis in Renewable Energy 500
SPFI591 Thesis 500
SPFI592 Thesis 500
STAT193 Statistics in Practice 100
STAT292 Applied Statistics 200
STAT293 Applied Statistical Modelling 200
STAT332 Statistical Inference 300
STAT335 Statistical Models for Actuarial Science 300
STAT391 Mathematical Methods for Applied Statistics 300
STAT392 Sample Surveys 300
STAT393 Linear Models 300
STAT394 Multivariate Statistics 300
STAT431 Biostatistics 400
STAT432 Computational Statistics 400
STAT433 Stochastic Processes 400
STAT434 Statistical Inference 400
STAT435 Time Series 400
STAT438 Generalised Linear Models 400
STAT439 Sample Surveys 400
STAT440 Directed Individual Study 400
STAT441 Directed Individual Study 400
STAT451 Official Statistics 400
STAT452 Bayesian Inference 400
STAT457 Stochastic Models in Warranty and Maintenance 400
STAT480 Research Preparation 400
STAT482 Special Topic: System Modelling and Analysis in Science and Engineering 400
STAT483 Special Topic: Data Management, Programming and Applications 400
STAT487 Research Project 1 400
STAT488 Research Project 2 400
STAT489 Research Project 400
STAT501 Statistical Consulting 500
STAT581 Statistical Practicum 500
STAT588 Applied Statistics Project 500
STAT591 Thesis in Statistics 500
STAT592 Thesis in Statistics 500
STAT690 Statistics for PhD 600
STAT693 Statistics for PhD (Computer/Data Science) 600
SWEN221 Software Development 200
SWEN225 Software Design 200
SWEN301 Scalable Software Development 300
SWEN303 User Experience Engineering 300
SWEN304 Database System Engineering 300
SWEN324 Software Correctness 300
SWEN325 Software Development for Mobile Platforms 300
SWEN326 Safety-Critical Systems 300
SWEN421 Formal Software Engineering 400
SWEN422 Human Computer Interaction 400
SWEN423 Design: Patterns, Frameworks and Languages 400
SWEN424 Model-Driven Development 400
SWEN426 Advanced Software Implementation and Development 400
SWEN428 Protocols and Architecture for the Internet of Things 400
SWEN430 Compiler Engineering 400
SWEN431 Advanced Programming Languages 400
SWEN432 Advanced Database Design and Implementation 400
SWEN433 Web Information Systems Engineering 400
SWEN435 Database System Engineering 400
SWEN438 Special Topic: Automated Program Analysis 400
SWEN439 Special Topic: Database System Engineering 400
SWEN501 Professional Programming Skills 500
SWEN502 Software Development Studio 1 500
SWEN504 Software Development Studio 2 500
SWEN589 Industry Research and Development Project 500
SWEN690 Software Engineering for PhD 600