Undergraduate subjects

Explore the subjects taught by the Wellington Faculty of Engineering across the BE(Hons) and BSc undergraduate degrees.

There is an exciting range of topics for you to study within the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons)) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees. Some topics are represented by majors or specialisations for both degrees, others are only offered in one degree.

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Computer Graphics

Learn about today's animation and game techniques and develop the programming and maths skills to create new kinds of software and visual effects. BSc only.

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Software and Computer Science

Study Computer Science (BSc) or Software Engineering (BE(Hons)) to be at the forefront of the information revolution.

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Get the practical and theoretical knowledge to protect computers and networks from attack and unauthorized access. BSc or BE(Hons).

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Design the technologies that are changing lives—from medical equipment to drones that can monitor pollution in New Zealand's rivers. BSc or BE(Hons).

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Renewable Energy Systems

Design renewable energy solutions as a specialisation of an Electrical and Electronic Engineering major within the BE(Hons).

Artificial Intelligence

Renewable Energy Systems

The Renewable Energy Systems major of the BSc is not accepting new students in 2021. You can specialise in Renewable Energy System Engineering as part of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering major of the BE(Hons).

Network Engineering

The BE(Hons) in Network Engineering was closed to new enrolments in 2018. You can specialise in Networked Applications as part of the Software Engineering major. Find out how you can complete your degree if you are currently enrolled in the Network Engineering major.

Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering

The Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering major of the BE(Hons) has been replaced by the Electrical and Electronic Engineering major. Find out how you can complete your degree if you are currently enrolled in the Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering major.