Undergraduate subjects

Explore the subjects taught by the Wellington Faculty of Engineering across the BE(Hons) and BSc undergraduate degrees.

There is an exciting range of topics for you to study within the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons)) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees. Some topics have majors or specialisations for both engineering and science degrees, while others are only offered in one or the other.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines that sense, act, and learn from experience, to perform tasks for humans.

Computer Graphics and Games

Gain the programming, engineering, and maths skills to create your own rendering tools, and explore the design side of computer graphics.


Study Cybersecurity to learn how to protect computers, networks, and data—and people—from cyber-attacks.

Data Science

Develop technical skills in computing technologies, statistics, and mathematics. And work with real data sets to develop a practical understanding of the social

Close up image of a computer circuit board with coloured wires in the foreground.


From smartphones to drones—study electronic and electrical systems and learn to design and build the systems that are shaping our world.

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematicians learn to think clearly and independently. Study pure mathematical topics like logic, or applied mathematics from cryptography to combustion.

Close up image of a digital display showing ones and zeros.

Software and Computer Science

Learn to write the code behind programming languages, software systems, and networked applications—and get ready to work in the tech industry.