Network Engineering

Find out how the Network Engineering major has been replaced by the Networked Applications specialisation of the Software Engineering major.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) major in Network Engineering closed to new applicants in 2018. Instead, you can specialise in Networked Applications within the Software Engineering major.

If you are currently enrolled in the Network Engineering major you can complete the degree, or transfer to the major in Software Engineering.

The School of Engineering and Computer Science has contacted current students with details about transition plans. If you would like more information, please email the faculty office.

If you are currently enrolled in the major in Network Engineering and intend to complete the qualification, you'll need to meet the following degree and major requirements.

Degree requirements

Four years of full-time study and a total of 480 points.

  • At least 120 points must be at 400-level or above, and from courses listed for the BE(Hons).
  • You need to complete the requirements for at least one major subject.
  • 300- and 400-level courses may be counted towards only one major.

You must also complete at least 800 hours of employment or work experience in an approved engineering environment.

Major requirements

In addition to the degree requirements, for this major you'll need to complete:

  1. (ENGR 121, 122) or (MATH 151, 161; one of MATH 177, QUAN 102, or STAT 193); ENGR 142 or PHYS 114 or 115 or 122
  2. COMP 261, NWEN 241, 242(or 342 those those who had not completed 242 by 2017), 243, 301, 302, 304
  3. At least two courses from (SWEN 221-224, ECEN 201-239)
  4. At least one course from COMP 201-399, CGRA 350, SWEN 301-399, NWEN 303 or ECEN 301-399
  5. At least three courses from ENGR 440, NWEN 401-439; at least one further course from CGRA 407-459, COMP 401-479, ECEN 401-479, ENGR 440, 441, NWEN 401-479, SWEN 401-479

These requirements are taken from the 2019 Calendar.