Film research interests

Browse the research interests of staff in the Film programme.

Tim Groves

Horror and serial killer films; Critical psychology and psychoanalysis; Hypnosis, melancholia and sleep; Post-classical Hollywood cinema

Thierry Jutel

Cinema and cultural industries, including but not limited to digital cinema aesthetics and production; Cinema and landscape; Production studies; Cinema as cultural object

Alfio Leotta

The relationship between film and tourism; New Zealand cinema; Italian cinema; Film history; Film authorship; The cinema of Peter Jackson; Transnational cinema;The globalisation of film production; Landscape and cinema; Fantasy cinema

Missy Molloy

Women’s cinema; Posthuman cinema and theories; Transnational film studies; Queer and transgender cinemas; Scandinavian film and television; Crime films; Postcolonial cinema studies; Independent film and video production

Miriam Ross

Latin American film; 3D film; Film festivals; Transnational cinema; Third cinema; Cinema industry; New digital technologies; Cultural policy; South Korean film

Miriam Ross

Paul Wolffram

Documentary theory and practice; New Zealand film; Production studies; Ethnographic film theory and practice; Short film production; Documentary production