English research interests

Browse the research interests of staff in the English Literature programme.


Charles Ferrall

Late Victorian literature; Edwardian literature; Modernist literature; Australian literature; Cultural history; Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-century literature; Katherine Mansfield; Children's literature

Adam Grener

Nineteenth-century British literature and culture; The novel; Narrative theory; Literary theory

Nikki Hessell

Eighteenth-century and Romantic literature; Journalism and literature; Robyn Hyde; Print Culture and book history; Colonial literature; Women's literature

Nikki Hessell

Anna Jackson

Children's literature; The contemporary Gothic; Poetry; Classical receptions; Eigteenth- and Nineteenth-century literature; Katherine Mansfield

Anna Jackson

Dougal McNeill

Scottish literature; Science Fiction; Utopia and Dystopia; Modernism; Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand literature; Literary theory; Marxism

Geoff Miles

Shakespeare and Renaissance literature; Classical traditions in English literature; Children's fantasy literature; James K Baxter; Medieval and early modern literature

Harry Ricketts

Literary biography; New Zealand poetry; Sports writing; Children's literature; Creative non-fiction; Kipling; Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-century literature; The poets of the Great War; Katherine Mansfield; Literary journalism

Sarah Ross

Early modern poetry and poetics (including Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert and Milton); Early modern women’s writing; Writing of the English Civil War and Restoration; Early modern manuscript and print culture; Theories and practice of editing; Gender and literature

Sarah Ross

Jane Stafford

19th Century literature; Colonial and literature; New Zealand literature

Heidi Thomson

British literature and culture, 1740-1850; Romanticism; The Age of Sensibility; Poetry and poetics; Authorship and its contexts; Authors: Thomas Gray, Maria Edgeworth, John Keats, S.T. Coleridge, William Wordsworth

Peter Whiteford

New Zealand literature, especially poetry, or literature of the 30s; Medieval literature, Religious poetry, either looking at particular poets, or exploring the connections between religious and poetic expression; I am especially interested in working with students who wish to undertake research in the Alexander Turnbull Library