English Literature research students

Get to know our English Literature students and gain an insight into their research.

Students are listed alphabetically under their respective degrees.

MA in English Literature

Charles Broughton

Thesis title: 'Biblical Poetry of 17th Century and Adaptations of Life of Christ'

Supervisor: Geoff Miles

Millie Gogfery

Thesis title: 'Complaining but not Forsaken: Contesting Depictions of Native American Women 1750-1950'

Supervisor: Nikki Hessell

Rosemary Lowe

Thesis title: 'Poor Cows or Angry Young Women?: Female Narrative Voices in the Work of Nell Dunn and Shelagh Delaney'

Supervisor: Dougal McNeil

Paddy O'Sullivan

Thesis title: 'Masculinity in the Work of Kazuo Ishiguro'

Supervisor: Adam Grener

Luke Somervell

Thesis title: 'Let Cæsar live, and Carthage be subdued: Anglo-Dutch relations and the Royalist literary imagination 1672 - 1683'

Supervisor: Sarah Ross

Rhegan Tu'akoi

Thesis title: 'Gendered Nuclear Resistances and Modernities in Pacific Literature'

Supervisors: Jane Stafford & Emalani Case (School of Languages and Culture)

PhD in English Literature

Samira Aziz

Thesis title: 'The Return to History in 21st Century Gothic Fiction'

Supervisors: Anna Jackson & Charles Ferrall

Patrick Biggs

Thesis title: 'A History of Light Verse'

Supervisors: Harry Ricketts & Heidi Thomson

Talia Crockett

Thesis title: 'The Ethical Representation of Trauma in Young Adult Literature'

Supervisors: Anna Jackson & Geoff Miles

Debasree Ghosh

Thesis title: 'The Ambiguity Towards the Colonial Project in British and Indian Children's Writing'

Supervisors: Anna Jackson & Charles Ferrall

Roya Jabarouti

Thesis title: '"With an Ear to the Line": An Auditory Reading of Heaney's Wintering Out'

Supervisors: Marco Sonzogni (School of Languages and Culture)  & Peter Whiteford

Catherine Joule

Thesis title: 'The Virtue of the Stereotypical Antagonist in Terry Pratchett’s ‘Witches’ Novels'

Supervisors: Geoff Miles & Harry Ricketts

Yuanyuan Liang

Thesis title: 'Tribulations and Trials: A Study of Trauma in Margaret Mahy's Youth Adult Novels'

Supervisors: Anna Jackson & Kathryn Walls

Anne-Maree Mills

Thesis title: 'An Adventure of the Imagination: Monte Holcroft, Cultural Nationalism and the Middlebrow in New Zealand 1940-1953'

Supervisors: Mark Williams & Peter Whiteford

Amy Stimson

Thesis title: 'We Lose That We May Find: Fantasy and Defamiliarisation in C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien'

Supervisors: Kathryn Walls & Peter Whiteford

Sraddha Venkataraman

Thesis title: 'The Behaviour of Silence in Romantic Poetry'

Supervisors: Heidi Thomson & Nikki Hessell