Media Studies research students

Get to know our Media Studies students and gain an insight into their research.

Students are listed alphabetically under their respective degrees.

MA in Media Studies

Sophia Bliem

Thesis title: 'Laughing at Lunacy: Schadenfreude in the Creation of Liberal Mood'

Supervisor: Cherie Lacey

Jasmine Philip

Thesis title: 'Defining the Globality of Global News Outlets: Study of Natural Disasters in the Global North-South'

Supervisor: Doug Van Belle

Molly Robson

Thesis title: 'Podcasts & Progress in Aotearoa'

Supervisors: Cherie Lacey & Anita Brady

PhD in Media Studies

Will Abbiss

Thesis title: 'Heritage and Post-heritage: Connecting institutional developments to the style, form and genre of British television period drama of the 2010s'

Supervisors: Trisha Dunleavy, Harry Ricketts (English Literature Programme) & Cherie Lacey

Alex Beattie

Thesis title: 'The Manufacture of Disconnection'


Supervisors: Michael DaubsAngi BuettnerCherie Lacey

Ben Classen

Thesis title: 'New Zealand Facebook Users Perceptions of Morality in Online Environments'

Supervisor: Angi Buettner & Nicholas Agar (School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations)

Jeya Foster

Thesis title: 'Spectres of M.I.A.'

Supervisors: Jo Smith & Nicola Hyland (Theatre Programme)

Ehsan Hazaveh

Thesis title: 'Humanitarian storytelling through photographs with and for resettled refugees in Wellington'

Supervisors: Jo Smith,  Michael Daubs & Caroline Bennett (School of Social and Cultural Studies)

Thi Luong

Thesis title: 'Vietnamese Reception of "Soft masculinity" in Korean TV dramas: Desires, Identification and Gender'

Supervisors: Stephen Epstein (School of Languages and Cultures), Joost de Bruin & Cherie Lacey

Fairooz Samy

Thesis title: 'Is the Netflix Fix in? Televisual Norms in the Internet Age'

Supervisors: Trisha Dunleavy & Michael Daubs

Xinran Wang

Thesis title: 'Femvertising on social media in China: a critical analysis on its effectiveness towards boosting the  ‘She Economy’ and advocacy for gender equality'

Supervisors: Kathleen Kuehn & Anita Brady