Submit your thesis

Congratulations on completing your thesis! Before graduating, you must submit one print and one digital copy of the final version of your thesis to the Library.

In response to COVID-19 we are temporarily changing the thesis deposit process.

  • You are still required to deposit your electronic version, based on the guidelines below.
  • You do not need to deposit the corresponding physical version at this time
  • The Library will accept physical copies in the future when it is appropriate to do so.

Please contact System and Integration Development at with any questions.

To be eligible to graduate, you are required to deposit your thesis at the Library. This page will give you information and guidance on how to complete the deposit process.

As every thesis is unique, you may have questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here. Please read through the information below and get in touch with the Systems and Integration Development team, if you have any questions about the deposit process.

You may also have other upcoming deadlines that require the deposit process to be completed. If you have any questions or concerns about deadlines, your degree, or graduation, please contact your faculty.

Note that your thesis can only be deposited in the Library after it has been examined, marked, and finalised.

To deposit your thesis, the Library requires:

  1. One professionally hard-bound print version of your thesis for inclusion in the Library’s physical collection
  2. One identical electronic version of your thesis in PDF format to be stored in ResearchArchive
  3. A completed Availability and Deposit of Thesis Form (permission form).

Format guidelines

The Thesis formatting guide sets out formatting guidelines for both your print and electronic version.

All theses must abide by the requirements in the formatting guide. However, if the format of your thesis falls outside of these requirements, you may include written approval from your head of school pdf156.6KB for a non-standard format (more information is given in the formatting guide).

How do I submit my thesis?

Print version

You are welcome to submit the print version of your thesis to us in-person to:

Systems and Integration Development Team
Level 7, The Library (Rankine Brown Building)
Victoria University of Wellington
1 Kelburn Parade

Your thesis may be deposited in the Library between 9 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Outside this time, you may deliver your thesis to Library service points at the three campuses during staffed hours (8 am–8 pm weekdays, 10 am–3 pm weekends/holidays):

  • Kelburn – Info Ihonui level 2 (Hub) at the Level 2 entrance to the Kelburn Library
  • Te Aro – Architecture & Design Library
  • Pipitea – Law Library

Note that if you submit your thesis to the Te Aro or Pipitea campus libraries it will take at least 24 hours for us to collect your thesis and send your receipt. Therefore, if you are under any urgent deadlines, we strongly urge you to submit your print thesis directly to the main Kelburn Library if you can.

Alternatively, you are welcome to post your print version to:

Systems and Integration Development Team
Victoria University of Wellington Library
PO Box 3438
Wellington 6012
New Zealand

For courier however, please use our team’s physical address listed above.

Electronic version

Once the electronic version of your thesis is online, it will be publicly available worldwide. It will therefore have to abide by New Zealand copyright law for digitally published works.

If your thesis contains any third-party content, for example, any images, maps, tables, or charts that you did not create yourself, we strongly urge you to read through this section before you submit your electronic version.

Note that all personal contact details and signatures (in any part of the thesis; even in ethics approval letters) must be redacted from the electronic version of the thesis before it can be accepted into ResearchArchive for public access. Any other information or content that could be considered sensitive or confidential must also be redacted from the electronic version of the thesis. This is because personal signatures could be easily copied and used for fraudulent purposes. Furthermore, personal contact details could be used to contact individuals without their consent.

Note that these copyright and privacy requirements only apply to the electronic version of your thesis. No content at all is to be redacted from the print version of your thesis. The print version of your thesis is considered an ‘unpublished manuscript’ under New Zealand copyright law, as it remains in the Library, available only to students and staff. As such, it does not attract the same copyright concerns as your publicly available electronic version does.

Furthermore, the print version of your thesis is also considered an archival work, and therefore must be your thesis in its original and complete form with all content included.

To submit the electronic version of your thesis

All electronic theses must be submitted through the Library’s Thesis Self Deposit service. This requires a student (preferably) or staff username and password to access. Help and a walk-through guide for the service are available.

Please consult the Research Codes section in the guide for information regarding the ‘Type of Research Activity’ and ‘Fields of Research’ sections.

Permission form

The Availability and Deposit of Thesis Form (permission form) can be downloaded pdf76KB. A guide to completing the form is also available.pdf249.3KB

All sections of the form must be completed correctly, as specified by the guide.

Note that this form is a legal document and, as such, it must be completed correctly, by the author of the thesis, and received by us before we can accept your thesis for deposit. Under no circumstance can a thesis be deposited in the Library without a permission form that was been completed correctly and checked in by our team. Please ensure that the form is legible and the formatting or wording of the original document is not altered in any way. Please complete the form in blue or black ink if you can. The form will not be accepted if it is completed in pencil or red pen.

The form can be submitted by the following means:

  1. As a separate loose page accompanying your print version
  2. With the electronic version of your thesis through the Thesis Self Deposit service by uploading it at the ‘Upload Files’ window under the ‘Upload related and/or supporting files’ option
  3. Scanned and emailed to
  4. By post.

For the purposes of checking and filing the permission form, please do not bind the form into your thesis. All permission forms must be submitted as a separate document to the thesis.

Receiving your thesis

Once your thesis has been received, it will be checked by the Systems and Integration Development team. Then, once all the requirements for deposit have been fulfilled, a thesis deposit receipt will be issued by email.

During the submission process, the Systems and Integration Development team does the following:

  • Checks for any pre-supplied paperwork or any other items you may have already supplied us – please let us know if you have already completed a permission form etc.
  • Checks that both your print and electronic versions are identical, and that all other formatting requirements are fulfilled
  • Checks that the permission form has been completed correctly
  • Congratulate you!
  • Issue a receipt. The receipt will go to your faculty and school admins, as well as yourself and your supervisor(s).

Where will my thesis be kept?

The print version of your thesis will be catalogued and made available in the Library’s physical collections.

The electronic copy of your thesis will be held in ResearchArchive. ResearchArchive is open to the public, and anyone who is interested may access, read, and download material. The contents of ResearchArchive are regularly harvested and indexed by KRIS, Google Scholar, and Digital New Zealand, among other services.

If you don’t wish to have your thesis accessible by anyone, you must apply for permission from the Wellington Faculty of Graduate Research to withhold your thesis.

For alumni

If you completed a thesis at VUW in the past and are willing to allow us to digitise it and make it available to the public through ResearchArchive, please download and fill out the form below and send it to Library Research Services by email.

Alternatively, you may post it to:

Library Research Services
Victoria University of Wellington Library
1 Kelburn Parade
PO Box 3438
Wellington 6012
New Zealand


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